Elderly Companion Services For Seniors in Calgary, AB and the Surrounding Areas

Comfort Keepers provides elderly companion services such as hygiene, grooming and bathing for seniors and elderly adults in Calgary, AB

Many seniors have difficulty maintaining their own personal hygiene. Chronic health conditions and the natural aging process can affect mobility and a senior’s desire to maintain their appearance. However, elderly companion services plays an important role in overall health and well-being. The caregivers at Comfort Keepers can assist with bathing, grooming, dressing and hygiene tasks.

How Personal Hygiene Affects Overall Health

Seniors who stop showering and bathing due to limited mobility and flexibility may suffer physically and emotionally. Eventually, dirt and bacteria can lead to infection and skin sores. Seniors may also lose their desire to socialize with friends and family out of embarrassment.

The elderly companion services can assist your senior loved one with:

Elderly Companion Services Assistance from Comfort Keepers of Calgary, AB

If your loved one isn’t changing clothes, bathing, grooming or caring for their appearance like they used to, it may be time to consider your care options. Elderly companion services can be a difficult topic to discuss, but it’s important for your loved one to get the care he or she needs. Maintaining personal care can help reduce the risk of your loved one developing hygiene-related health issues.

Our caregivers in Calgary, AB are trained to safely help your loved one with virtually all aspects of hygiene and personal care. Our aides will provide discreet and dedicated care with compassion and kindness to ensure that your loved one is maintaining their personal hygiene.

The home health aides at Comfort Keepers are committed to helping their clients look and feel their best every day. A happy, healthy senior is better able to overcome life’s obstacles and enjoy a higher quality of life.

To learn more about our individual home care services in Calgary or to book a complimentary in home assessment, contact us through our website or call us today at 587-315-5388.

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