24 Hour Home Care in Calgary, AB

Learn the benefits of 24 hour home care for seniors in need of full-time assistance.

When a senior loved one requires assistance to perform daily living tasks or needs supervision to remain safe while living alone, home care assistance is a great way to preserve their quality of life and prolong their independence. As the needs of your loved one grow, however, a foundational level of service may no longer be enough.

24 Hour Home Care in Calgary, AB

Many medical disorders, including dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, and  ALS may progress to the point that your senior loved one requires constant care and supervision. Many times, seniors in this situation move into a nursing home. With Comfort Keepers, there is another option: 24-hour home care.


Round-the-clock, 24-hour home care is different from live-in care. With live-in care, a senior really only gets about 12 hours of care and supervision because of the required break, sleep, and eating schedule of the caregiver. With 24-hour home care, caregivers work on a six or eight-hour rotating shift to ensure the senior has continuous, overlapping care. This type of care is essential if seniors are not safe when unattended.


In addition to dementia and other conditions that may lead to wandering, falling, or getting lost, seniors with limited mobility who are confined to a bed require frequent care to avoid bedsores, ensure proper medication management, and maintain a high quality of life which includes social, emotional, and cognitive interaction at times when they are awake and lucid, not just during regular working hours.


24-hour home care is also available for short-term needs. Seniors who have had a major surgery or are undergoing treatments for cancer may require support around the clock for a time. With Comfort Keepers 24-hour home care, they can receive their care and support in the comfort and convenience of their own home, which researchers suggest speeds the healing process and lessens the chances of hospital readmissions due to medication complications or accidents.

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