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Cochrane is a Canadian town located in the province of Alberta. It’s now the second biggest town in the province. Cochrane has the fastest growing community, not only in Alberta but in the whole of Canada. Due to its population growth and expansion, Cochrane will soon be eligible for city status. At the last 2016 census the population was 25,122. That’s almost a 9% jump on the 2015 municipal census. There is also a rapidly aging population in Alberta generally—Cochrane is no exception. As more boomers reach senior status, demand for Cochrane home care increases. The good news is that there’s plenty of options in home care solutions for the over 65s residing in this fine town.

Cochrane Home Care Services

There’s no doubt that many seniors are reluctant to accept third party help, but there often comes a time when it’s necessary. This is certainly the case for those who want to stay in their homes and maintain some level of comfort and independence as they grow older.

Not all Canadian seniors need home-help, notably those at the younger end of retirement age. But for those who do, the services offered nowadays in home care support provides invaluable solutions.

The folks who most need Cochrane home care support typically fall into the following categories:

  • Developmental disabilities (various)
  • Recuperating or managing life with a serious illness
  • Recovering from hospital surgery
  • Mending after a major accident
  • Unable to carry out everyday chores due to age-induced frailty

It used to be the case where doctors would simply send people off to hospitals or residential care facilities, but that was then and this is now. Cochrane seniors, who have the option to stay home, will almost always take that route when given the choice. Those who work in home care don’t only cater for the over 65’s either. Anyone, of any age who has special needs can also benefit from home support, whether it’s general or medical. This also takes the stress off conventional healthcare facilities. Furthermore, it gives family caregivers a much needed respite. Home care benefits the patients, most of who are more than happy to skip hospitals as in or out-patients anyways. They benefit because they’re happier and fare better overall when cared for in the comfort of home.

No two situations are the same. The residents of Cochrane who need support in home care will want their caregivers to meet their specific needs. That means putting together a workable plan of action.

An excellent tailor-made solution will need to tick the following boxes:

  1. The right plan (medical, non-medical or both)
  2. The right supervision
  3. The right caregiver (it’s important that caregiver and patient get along)
  4. The right communication (open and honest at all times)

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