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Many seniors find it difficult or impossible to keep up with the everyday routine of looking after their personal needs due to mobility and other age-related issues. It often becomes a painful struggle for seniors to get in and out of the shower or bathtub. Many would never think of asking a relative or loved one for help with these personal and private needs. Often, cleanliness and hygiene take a back seat for these reasons, but that doesn’t have to be the case.

Trained Comfort Keepers personnel in the Brantford and Cambridge areas are highly experienced in helping seniors with mobility and personal home care issues meeting the cleanliness and hygiene standards they’ve known and practiced throughout their lives. Our home care agencies’ services can also help the trained professionals spot other hidden health-related issues seniors might be experiencing.

Mobility Assistance

We all know how important it is to maintain an active, healthy lifestyle to stay fit mentally and physically. However, it can often be a challenge. The same rules apply to seniors and those who often find it difficult to keep moving for various physical reasons. Comfort Keepers’ personal home care can help seniors maintain and in some cases, even increase mobility by helping them live as actively as possible.

This may involve activities in the home that help circulation and range of movement for seniors. It may also involve assisting seniors in activities outside of the home. These activities can be customized to meet the needs and preferences of the individual. Not only are activities meant to keep seniors healthy, but they’re also aimed at providing a sense of well-being and may improve sleep patterns and an overall sense of well- being. They can also be fun and many seniors look forward to these activities!

Transferring and Positioning Services

Correct posture and positioning are vital in protecting, maintaining and promoting senior health and safety. In fact, the accurate transferring, placing and positioning of seniors is crucial. That’s why Comfort Keepers home care agencies’ personal support workers are trained in moving and placing senior clients properly and carefully.

The correct transferring and positioning of seniors from or onto beds and chairs will eliminate pressure areas and reduce muscle stiffening or weakening. Proper positioning and transferring can also help toward eliminating common bed sores and the infections that can result. Comfort Keepers are trained to spot any such issues seniors may experience regarding transferring and positioning.

Feeding and Special Diet Services

Many seniors need help to feed themselves and the loss of independence can be hard to accept. It often means they aren’t eating properly or regularly. Comfort Keepers understands this and will make an extra effort to turn mealtime into an enjoyable experience seniors will look forward to. Comfort Keepers will also help ensure that seniors and other clients adhere to prescribed diets which can help prevent medical issues such as diabetes, heart disease, and osteoporosis, to name a few. Comfort Keepers help clients eat a well- balanced, appealing diet which will provide the energy needed to stay as active and healthy as possible.

Meantime, many seniors and clients will avoid grocery shopping altogether, due to mobility issues. In some cases, they avoid shopping because they don’t want to buy much or don’t have the ability or desire to make meals for themselves. Comfort Keepers of Cambridge & Brantford, ON can help prepare and repackage food into manageable sizes, making mealtime easy and enjoyable while helping avoid wasted food.

If you or someone you know, requires assistance from our local Comfort Keepers home care agencies to remain safely in their home, please give us a call. We are available at all times to answer any questions you may have.


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