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Thank you for considering making a donation to a senior in need

donate senior care items to Comfort Keepers of Cambridge, ON

You would be surprised at the number of seniors who do not have access to essential safety items such as bath stools, and canes. The absence of these items makes it difficult for seniors to remain mobile and sustain a good quality of life throughout their golden years. Many seniors depend on these items to survive on a day-to-day basis and are not able to afford these senior care essentials due to the high expense of these items on top of having to rely on a fixed budget to maintain their homes and nutrition.

Comfort Keepers of Cambridge, ON is proud to announce that we are accepting safety item donations that elders throughout our community can use such as plates and cups, special eating utensils, bath stools, canes, grabber poles and similar items.  These items will be donated to those who need it most at no cost for them. At this, time, however, we are not accepting large items such as wheelchairs or walkers. If you have any of the above mentioned small items, please contact us to arrange dropping off your donation. A small donation can mean a lot to others who cannot afford to purchase these items themselves.

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