Comfort Keepers is proud to offer the elderly a full range of home care services designed to help them maintain their independence.

Galt, ON is a part of the Cambridge metropolis and has a history that started with Scottish settlers in the early part of the 19th century. Today, the area is filled with historic homes and buildings that could take a person days to explore. It is also home to a growing population of senior citizens. Many of our local residents have helped the area grow into what it is today. At Comfort Keepers, we provide a wide range of home care services designed specifically to help the elderly continue to remain in their family home and enjoy their golden years.

When your parents reach the point in their lives at which they need a little extra help, they may be somewhat reluctant to ask for it. This may be because they know your life is already far too busy and don’t wish to impose. Although you probably would prefer to be the one to help take care of them, we offer an alternative solution that meets everyone’s needs and desires. We can provide a fully trained, friendly, and capable caregiver who can be there to help when you can’t.

Our Caregivers are There to Help

At Comfort Keepers, we realize the many seniors don’t want to admit they need help as they feel as though doing so will rob them of their independence. This is the one thing our caregivers work hard to ensure doesn’t happen. Our brand of home care in the Galt, ON area is unique. We call it “Interactive Caregiving®”, it is the result of our caregivers working together with their clients and created a bond with them. We have found that building this type of “extended family” relationship goes a long way towards helping your loved one retain their sense of dignity.

Our caregiver’s goal is to make sure your loved ones can truly enjoy their golden years safe from the worry of not being able to continue doing everything. They do so in a non-intrusive manner and take pleasure in making friends. We start out with a free in-home consultation with you, your loved ones, and a senior advisor. During this meeting, they will discuss the needs and desires of your loved ones and work with you to create the ideal home health care plan.

If you or your loved one can benefit from our home care services in Galt, ON please give us a call.

Companion Care
Home caregiving in Galt, ON: Comfort Keepers provides companionship to senior through in home caregiving services in Galt, ON.
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