Seniors and Post-Holiday Blues: Why it Happens and What to Do Seniors and Post-Holiday Blues | As the end of the holidays approaches, many people feel relief knowing the hustle and bustle is nearly done. Yet the day after decorations are packed away and the leftovers are in the freezer, surprisingly that relief can be … Read More

Five Ways to Connect with Seniors During the Holidays Find five ways to connect with seniors during the Holidays and meaningful ways to make sure older adults are physically and mentally healthy and feeling the joy of the holiday season. Connection isn’t just important during the big days on the calendar – it includes time … Read More

Winter Health Risks for Seniors Winter Health Risks for Seniors: Spending time with loved ones, enjoying nature and participating in activities can improve quality of life for seniors. However, cold winter weather can create a barrier to many senior’s regular schedules. And, it’s not just snow and ice that make winter a difficult season for … Read More

COMFORT KEEPER OF THE YEAR CAREGIVER WINNER 2021 – Denise C. COMFORT KEEPER OF THE YEAR 2021 – Denise has worked full-time hours for us since January 2018 so it’s perfect timing that she will celebrate her 4-year anniversary with Comfort Keepers as ‘Caregiver of the year’! She has a very strong work ethic; always punctual with … Read More

Tips to Stay Sharp as You Age Tips to Stay Sharp as You Age – One of the greatest fears many people have of growing older is losing their mental acuity. While there are some diseases and conditions of the brain over which we have no control, there are some that are preventable with certain lifestyle … Read More

Alzheimer’s: Communication Tips Alzheimer’s: Communication Tips – The most debilitative and indicative symptom of Alzheimer’s is the gradual loss of words and understanding which are crucial to even the most basic communication that most of us take for granted. Alzheimer’s patients realize there is a problem, even though they may not have the capacity to … Read More

Osteoporosis Affects Men Too Osteoporosis affects men too – Osteoporosis gets plenty of press with older women, but older men would do well to assess their risk for this disease. Osteoporosis is a disease that causes bone density loss in both women and men. Its progression is silent, and without screening, it usually becomes evident … Read More

Celebrating a Comfort Keepers Client’s Milestone! Happy birthday, Mary! Mary has been a client of Comfort Keepers full time since March of 2019 and has been a pleasure to work with.  Mary’s whole day consists of talking about her family, looking at photo albums, going to Mass and reading the paper.   Some of the caregivers … Read More

It’s Summer, Seniors! Eat Fresh Fruits and Vegetables. It’s Summer, Seniors! Eat Fresh Fruits and Vegetables – At long, last summer is here! And that means fresh fruits and vegetables straight from the garden, food co-op, roadside stand or local grocery. As a caregiver, you can help the senior in your life eat well, enjoy the … Read More

Seniors Living with Chronic Pain Seniors Living with Chronic Pain – The number of North Americans who suffer from chronic pain annually is staggering!   A recent report by the Institute of Medicine estimates the number of people who live with persistent pain — pain that lasts for more than 3 to 6 months — to … Read More

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