How in-home care can help with sleeping patterns and problems Sleep is important for all of us, and getting enough rest can have a wide variety of positive impacts on various health factors. Getting enough sleep has been proven to improve heart health, brain health, daily activity, energy, and the immune system. However, most adults … Read More

How diet makes a difference, and how home care can help Most of us know that what we eat has an impact on our body—we know we should eat more fruits and vegetables, and try to reduce fat and sugar. For seniors, maintaining a healthy diet is even more important to maintaining good health. A … Read More

Many people are misinformed about diabetes. Some don’t realize that it’s a serious disease. There are a number of myths about diabetes, who gets it and why, and what can be done. Know the facts so you can help yourself or a loved one. The following may be helpful.   Fact: Diabetes is serious. More … Read More

With 50% of Americans older than 65 years suffering from pre-diabetes, learning how to prevent it is important. The pre-diabetic is already at risk for developing type 2 diabetes, but it can usually be stopped from progressing further with the right lifestyle changes. Making lifestyle changes that incorporate healthy foods, more activity, and losing some … Read More

We all know that the heart is one of our vital organs, so what can we do to take special care of the heart? Three lifestyle changes can be made, starting today, to better protect heart health. They are diet, exercise and stress reduction.   Beginning with diet and nutrition, there are specific foods that … Read More

With proper medical attention, heart attack survivors can continue to live for many more years, however, their lives might be considerably changed. Depending on the severity of the heart attack, also known as acute myocardial infarction (AMI), people over 65 may need at least 8 weeks of recovery time, but adults further in age may … Read More

Numerous health conditions are connected with older adults. Cardiac disease and cancer usually top the list, but pneumonia is also a life-threatening condition that must be taken seriously. Pneumonia is a respiratory lung infection, and is initiated by viruses, bacteria, or fungi. More than a million people are hospitalized annually in the U.S. as a … Read More

Stress is part of our life journey. Whether it’s a positive or negative occurrence, stress happens. For adults who are done with raising children and career responsibilities, they find there are different stressors that arrive. Older adults ten to be concerned or worried about their health, independence slipping away, managing finances for unknown numbers of … Read More

Experiencing the loss of people we have loved is a difficult reality of aging. Older adults may dread the holiday season without their spouse or lifelong companions. They may be suffering through this season that is supposed to be filled with cheer.   Festive holiday gatherings may produce additional grieving. Traditions like holiday shopping, decorating, … Read More

The holidays may be full of celebrations and gathering of people, but aging adults who struggle with physical and emotional challenges might not believe the festive season is all that bright anymore.   Chronic illness, pain, and limited mobility can all challenge older adults’ ability to participate in holiday festivities. The results may be feelings … Read More

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