More than 10% of the population will have a hernia at least once in their life. A hernia occurs when an organ or tissue exits through an abnormal opening. There are various types of hernias, but most commonly they involve the abdomen. The reason why seniors should notify their doctor in case they suspect they … Read More

When someone develops diabetes, it means their bodies are no longer able to properly process sugars. The consequences are elevated blood sugar levels and worsening of health or symptoms of other conditions such as heart and kidney disease. The majority of affected individuals are seniors and with more and more people reaching their 80s and … Read More

Urinary incontinence affects most seniors and can significantly lower one’s quality of life.  Older adults who struggle with this condition can suffer from low self-esteem and avoid maintaining their social connections. Therefore, managing incontinence is necessary for a happy and active life of a senior. Luckily, incontinence is treatable and doctors can make recommendations based … Read More

One in every 500 people in Canada has Parkinson’s, and most of the people who have been diagnosed with this disease are over 60. Although the illness affects both men and women, men have a higher chance of developing it. Today more than 100, 000 people in Canada are struggling with Parkinson’s and every year … Read More

During the summer, most seniors want to spend their days outside, where they can participate in fun activities and create unforgettable memories with people they care about. However, in order to protect themselves from harmful UV rays, older adults need to practice sun safety. After all, skin cancer is the most common type of cancer … Read More

Drinking plenty of water during the day and staying hydrated is important for maintaining good health and keeping crucial bodily functions working properly. However, due to age-related difficulties, some seniors find this challenging. Some older adults are unable to sense thirst and do not notice changes in body temperature, while others take medication that has … Read More

Falls are the number one cause of injury for seniors and they often lead to serious health problems such as disability, fractures, head trauma and chronic pain. Older adults who fall not only double their chances of falling again but also put their independence and quality of life at risk. Preventing these accidents can greatly … Read More

As they age, many seniors experience changes to vision, which is why they should get a vision test done once a year. In addition, they need to follow the doctor’s orders on treatment plans and vision health. In order to maintain eye health and preventing their vision from getting impaired, seniors should include the following … Read More

Stroke is the third leading cause of death in Canada, aside from heart disease and cancer. While anyone can have a stroke, some people such as older adults are more at risk. In fact, nearly three-quarters of strokes occur in seniors. Stroke is also the primary cause of disability and one of the main causes … Read More

Studies show that one in five adults suffer from arthritis. Although it is the leading cause of disability among seniors in America it is not a diagnosis. Instead, it is a term that covers more than one hundred conditions that affect the joints. Signs and symptoms A lot of people think that arthritis affects only … Read More

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