Breast cancer is a serious disease that should be given serious awareness. There are thousands of new cases each year but with awareness and screenings these numbers can be smaller. There are more than 80 new cases for every 100,000 women under the age of 65 vs. more than 400 new cases for those over … Read More

As life goes on, the most important thoughts that most older adults have are longevity and healthy living. There are several ways to ensure that you age as healthy as possible, but becoming proactive about these methods is the first step during senior care. September is filled with exciting ideas and suggestions that help seniors … Read More

As your elderly loved one reaches their golden years, they can age more or less gracefully.  We have some tips to help make the process as conducive to good health as possible. 1) Eat healthy—Now, we’re sure your loved one has been told this enough times.  But whether Mom or Dad is a bit willful … Read More

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