Your Loved One Can Maintain An Active Lifestyle With The Help Of A Professional In-Home Care Provider

Staying physically active is very important, especially for older adults. Seniors who remain physically active as they age can enjoy certain health benefits, keep a number of health issues at bay, and stay healthier and more independent throughout their golden years.


At Comfort Keepers, we make physical activity an integral part of Interactive Caregiving – our special, holistic approach to caregiving designed to help senior clients placed in our care live happy, healthy, active lives and remain in their own homes for longer.


If you noticed one or more of the following signs in your Mom or Dad, maybe it is time to consider hiring a professional home care agency. In case your loved one often:

  • Forgets to take their medication on time
  • Feels frustrated about completing everyday tasks
  • Spends more time in bed and generally has less energy than usual
  • Easily loses interest in once pleasurable activities


We develop customized care plans in accordance with the age, health, and abilities of all our clients. Once we establish a plan of care which is tailored to fit your loved one’s lifestyle, we proceed by matching Mom or Dad with a compatible caregiver who can assist them with a number of daily routines and encourage them to stay active and engaged.


Some senior-friendly activities designed to keep your parent more active include:

  • Going for short walks around the block, neighborhood or local park
  • Weekend shopping trips to the city center or shopping district
  • Gardening, performing yard work or re-decorating the house
  • Dancing


Regular Physical Activity Helps Protect Seniors from Falls

Staying physically active can help your loved one prevent falls. By engaging in frequent, low-impact physical activity, your Mom or Dad can enjoy a number of health benefits. Not only can they keep their body more fit and healthy, but they can also improve their balance, flexibility, strength, and gait. This also means they are less likely to fall and sustain a serious injury – which is a major health concern for older adults. In addition to this, getting enough physical exercise can help boost your loved one’s immune system and improve their overall health.


Learn more about how a professional in-home caregiver can help your loved one stay active and improve their quality of life – call our local office today. Comfort Keepers is here to help!

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