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Home Care Assistance and Caregiver Products

Find out how our caregiver products can help improve upon your loved one’s care.

Many seniors living on their own do not need help around the clock. There are a large chunk of people out there that may not have to opt for full-on home care assistance and can instead experience a significant increase in quality of life with one or more of our caregiver products.

Comfort Keepers Home Care has been providing quality care to seniors across the country for two decades and over the years, we have come to the conclusion that technology can help us provide your loved one with the best possible home care assistance out there. Over the years, we have developed the following range of products:


All of these products were developed with the particular needs of seniors in mind. For example, our Personal Emergency Response System (PERS) can make all the difference in certain situations unfortunately many seniors find themselves in very often. If a senior ends up in a dangerous situation, all they have to do to call for help is press a button on their Personal Emergency Response System. This will automatically connect them to our 24-hour call center and an operator who will assess the situation and send appropriate assistance.

We also offer a number of medication solutions. These automated machines will dispense your loved one’s medications according to a strict schedule. If they do not take the medication, an alert will be sent out to either you or someone else. This can do a world of good in helping your loved one keep up with what may be a very strict medication schedule.

It is important to note at this point that, although these devices are great, they can never replace a caregiver. If you are able to afford it, we recommend you and your loved one opt to have these devices supplement their home care assistance instead of being their primary source of caregiving.

To find out more about our SafetyChoice products, please give us a call or shoot us an email.

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