Know the Difference Between Personal and Companionship Senior Home Care

Not all at home senior care is the same- it’s important to select the senior home care option that is best for your loved one and your family

Senior home care can help seniors live safely and comfortably, but taking the time to assess the available options can be a daunting task. There are many care options, and knowing the differences between the different types of services and service providers can aid you in making the right decision.

Typical Senior Home Care Services

Personal support workers provide a range of services and assistance that allow seniors and other adults to remain in their own homes. The majority of providers may offer a mix of the following:

The Business Structures Of Senior Home Care Providers

The majority of providers that offer home care operate under one of the three business and registries: Independent/Private, Employment Based, and Registries. The main difference between them is the role of the employer, how services were charged, and how taxes and insurance are affected for the client, personal support workers, and provider.

Independents/Private Geriatric Care

Hiring an independent personal support worker typically means paying an hourly rate, and being your own boss. This is due to the fact that you are responsible for a number of things such as:

Essentially, clients are fully responsible for the many business aspects of at home senior care. While this may appeal to some, the added stress and time needed to invest in this option may not be worth it to others.

Employment-Based Agencies

Employment-based agencies can be classified as corporations, subsidiaries, or franchises.  The biggest “plus” of this geriatric care option is that much of the behind-the-scenes work is handled by the agency when it comes to the individuals caring for your loved one. Personal support workers from an agency have already been interviewed, covered by insurance, given a security check, and provided training.  In the event your personal support worker cannot make their appointment, a team of fully trained and certified individuals is always ready to sub in.  All salaries, insurance coverage, taxes, and other financial responsibilities are also handled by the agency.  Best of all, you have a group of experts you can rely on to help create the perfect care plan for your loved one.

Registries and Placement Agencies

These types of organizations specialize in building and managing databases of personal support workers. What is important to note is that they do not actually employ the personal support workers. This means they are essentially like a middle-ground between the independent option or the agency option. Those who decide to use registries may still need to act as their own boss in terms of taxes, salaries, and insurance. However, they may not need to be responsible for screenings, background checks, training, and substitute personal support workers.

If you choose a registry or placement agency to provide a personal support worker, it’s important that you understand:

If you are interested in senior home care and would like to know more about the different types of care options around you contact Comfort Keepers of Guelph, Milton, & Halton Hills, ON.  Not matter what is right for your family, just contact us our senior home care experts can be there to answer any and all of your questions.

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