Starting The Conversation About A Home Health Aide Performing In Home Supportive Services

Do you feel your loved one needs in home supportive services, but do not know how to bring up the idea of a home health aide coming into their home?

While there is no getting around aging, if your loved one is in need of in home supportive services there is also no getting around starting a conversation with them.  A home health aide can not only provide a safe environment for your loved one, they can help keep their home in order and personal care in check.  Our experts have some advice when it comes to bringing up the topic.

Professional Advice On Introducing Your Senior To The Idea Of A Home Health Aide Helping Them Through In Home Supportive Services

Although we refer to it as ‘the conversation’ it is important to note that it is the start of one of many conversations with your loved one.  This is not something that will solve itself overnight.  Start small and grow into discussing more difficult matters.  Also make sure to follow these additional tips:

Plan Ahead- make sure to write down important points, and think carefully how you will first approach your loved one.  Make sure all intended conversation is positive as well as productive.

Start Early- make sure to start having these conversations while your loved one’s health allows.  It is important that they are able to fully participate in order to communicate their wishes and needs.

Choose An Appropriate Time & Place- try to avoid addressing these issues during family gatherings, celebrations, or special events.  Make sure there is time for unhurried and uninterrupted conversation.

Include Other Family Members- it is important that your family is on the same page regarding your loved ones in home supportive services.  If your loved one is resistant, including other family members may also communicate to them how much you are concerned and care for their well-being.

Ask Open Ended Questions- encourage your loved one to share their feelings

Listen- understand your loved ones fears, wishes, and needs when it comes to a home health aide being in their home.

Take these key points into consideration when it comes to sitting down with your loved one and discussing in home supportive services.  If you have any more questions or would like to learn how a home health aide can help you and your loved ones contact us.

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