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Learn more about how our home care services can provide light housekeeping to your loved one in Guelph, ON.

Light Housekeeping

Although most seniors wish to age at home, a lot of them don’t have the strength or mobility needed to maintain a clean house. Juggling work, your own family, various other obligations as well as cleaning your parent’s house can be too much for you to handle. Luckily, Comfort Keepers helps with light housekeeping tasks to seniors in Guelph, Ontario. With help from our home care providers, your loved one can enjoy their retirement in a clean living environment.

An Interactive Element

A lot of older adults are willing to keep their homes clean but they simply need some extra help with certain tasks. Before we start providing care we will get to know your loved one and create an individualized plan tailored to their needs, abilities, limitations, wants and needs. Working side-by-side with a caregiver can not only save their time and strength, but it can also make their bond with a care provider much stronger.

Kitchens and Bathrooms

When it comes to maintaining a clean home, the kitchen and bathroom are two areas in the house that need to be cleaned on a regular basis. However, these two rooms are also though places for seniors to clean. All those high shelves, tiles and slippery surfaces are just an accident waiting to happen. Our care providers can clean these areas in your loved one’s home and make sure they are safe for your parent.

Light housekeeping is just one of our home care services. At Comfort Keepers we offer a wide variety of senior care services in Guelph, Ontario. All of our services are designed to ensure the safety, happiness, and well-being of our clients. Whether your loved one requires care for only a couple of hours a day, several times a week or 24/7, we are here to help. Rest assured that all of our caregivers are skilled, trained, experienced and compassionate professionals who have all undergone a rigorous background check and have proved that they share our passion for helping seniors.

At Comfort Keepers we are fully committed to delivering quality home care, so you can be at ease knowing that with us your senior family member will get the personal attention and assistance they need and deserve.

If you wish to learn more about home care or our light housekeeping services, please contact our office for more information. Our friendly staff members are here to answer all of your questions.

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