Our Home Care Aides Provides Quality Meal Preparation Services In Guelph, ON

Our home care aides can assist your senior loved one in preparing nutritious meals regularly

Eating a nutritious and well-balanced diet can help boost seniors’ health and add years to their life. However, cooking and preparing meals can become a daunting, challenging task for older adults for many different reasons. While some seniors cannot cook for themselves because of chronic health issues, others may find fast food or frozen TV dinners a more convenient option. This is a problem for many senior Canadians, and most could benefit from the assistance of a home care aide.

How We Can Help

If your senior loved one could benefit from a little assistance in the kitchen, Comfort Keepers home care aids can help. Besides providing assistance with various activities of daily living, our customized care plans can also include meal preparation. Our expert care providers can make sure your senior mom or dad enjoys a healthy diet rich in fresh organic produce, avoid unhealthy, processed, and fast foods, and reduce salt intake as this can improve their cardiovascular health and blood pressure. Few simple dietary changes can help your loved one lead a happier, healthier lifestyle.

First off, our senior care experts can develop a weekly or monthly meal plan based on your loved one’s health, age, doctor’s recommendations, and preferences. Once your parent is satisfied with the proposed meal plan, the next step is shopping for groceries. Together with their care provider, your senior mom or dad can visit the local market once a week to buy fresh groceries. This is a great opportunity to stretch their legs, engage in physical activity, and socialize with people at the same time. Should your loved one be prevented for any reason, a devoted personal support worker can go alone and deliver fresh groceries to their home.

When the time comes to prepare the meals, an experienced home care aides will try to include your senior mom or dad in the activity as much as they are able and willing. The benefits of cooking together should not be underestimated, as your loved one can discover nutritious recipes that are good for their health, learn a few new tricks, and bond with their personal support worker.

When the food is prepared, our devoted personal support workers can:

  • Set the table
  • Serve the meal
  • Provide help with feeding for seniors who are unable to feed themselves due to medical conditions
  • Have friendly conversation with your loved one
  • Clean the kitchen and do the dishes

If your senior mom or dad resides in Guelph, ON, or the surrounding areas and you would like to know more about our customized meal preparation services, please give us a call today. Comfort Keepers home care aides are here to help!


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