Personal Home Care Encourages Good Mental Health In Guelph, ON

Find out how Comfort Keepers’ personal home care in Guelph, ON can help you maintain your mental strength and acuity.

Many seniors worry about their cognition, potential memory loss, or a decline in mental abilities. Age can certainly play a role in each of these areas, but lifestyle choices can also have a significant impact. This means that making good choices as we grow older can help us reduce the risk of cognitive issues while benefiting our minds and moods.

Consider these suggestions for keeping your mind strong:

Physical Activity. More and more research suggests that physical exercise can help keep dementia and other brain-related disorders at bay. The more physically active you are, the lower the risk of mental decline.

Cognitive Activity. Working the muscles leads to a strong body. Working the mind can lead to a healthy brain. Activities that require multiple steps, thinking ahead, prediction, and application are the most helpful. Thankfully, this involves just about everything from ballroom dance and gardening to sewing, baking, and puzzles; pretty much anything apart from passive activities like watching television.

Socialization. Having many strong social connections lowers the risk of cognitive decline. Likewise, seniors with fewer social connections face increased risks of loneliness as well as challenges in both physical and mental health. Interacting with others in a positive way forces the brain to use short-term and long-term memory, reasoning skills, communication skills, and so forth.

Despite our best efforts, we may face cognitive challenges. Should this happen, Comfort Keepers can help you remain free and independent. In fact, Comfort Keepers’ personal home care specializes in dementia and Alzheimer’s care, Parkinson’s and ALS support, and helping seniors who have diminished mental functions with daily living tasks and other non-medical supports.

A few ways Comfort Keepers can help include medication reminders, homemaking, and personal home care, local transportation, meal help, running errands, and companionship.

For more information on ways to lower the risk of cognitive decline while improving brain health, or to find out more about the many ways Comfort Keepers’ personal home care can help you remain safe and secure while aging in place despite physical, emotional, or cognitive challenges, contact a care coordinator today at 519-804-1603.

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