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General Diabetes Management Guidelines for the Travelling Elderly

Activities for Seniors  |  November 16, 2017

The holiday season is upon us and it’s time for fun, friends, family, food and travel. Aging adults living with diabetes find it difficult or hard to believe that they can travel with family during the holidays. Their greatest fear is that they will be a nuisance, become ill, or that they are incapable of maintaining their daily routine while traveling. Seniors can successfully manage their diabetes during holiday travel. Take the necessary steps to prepare for the trip and acquire help from family members who provide elderly care for their aging loved ones.

Here are a few elderly care guidelines to follow during holiday travel:

  • Learn About the Destination – go online to find out more about the destination town or city. Make notes of the nearest parks or safest areas to walk for exercise. Know which restaurants are in the area that offer options for any dietary restrictions they may have. If there is family or friends that live in the area, they may offer advice on where to go also.

  • Medical Approval – talk with the doctor or medical provider to get approval to travel. Seniors should have a visit with their physician before leaving town to make sure their levels are good and to ensure they have enough medication to last the duration of the trip. This is an important step to take prior to traveling at any time of the year, especially the holidays. Some physician’s offices are closed during holiday time and you don’t want your senior loved one to leave town with no means of getting their prescription refilled.

  • Get Referrals – plan for a fun and exciting holiday trip but prepare for any scenario. Talk to the physician about doctors or medical providers in the area which the senior will be visiting. The emergency room is always an option if illness happens, but to know there is a care provider in the area to accommodate the needs of your aging loved one puts everyone at ease.

  • Packing for Travel – be sure to pack insurance cards, medical history statement, medications, test strips and always pack injections properly. If items need to be refrigerated, pack ice packs or a cooler to safely accommodate meds during travel. Proper elderly care involves double checking everything, as it avoids the possibility of leaving important items behind, which could disrupt the enjoyment of the trip.

Seniors can take part in family travel during the holidays and have a great time too. It means more when all the family can get together and celebrate without worry or concern that their loved one is excluded from the holiday festivities. If you would like to hire one of our caregivers to provide elderly care for your loved one who need assistance while dealing with diabetes, contact us today!

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