Family or friends tasked with the care of loved ones can easily suffer from symptoms of chronic stress. They can actually suffer from the loving care they’re providing to someone else. Compassion fatigue is a common problem for caregivers assisting someone who has been injured, ill or traumatized. Caregivers are trying to be of help, … Read More

Medication management and safety is critical for older adults to continue to live independently. Your aging loved one’s health may depend on his or her medications. Just as important, he or she needs t take the correct dosage, and at the right time. Consequences for incorrectly taking medications can be harmful and even lethal. So, … Read More

As many as one out of four aging adults will stumble and fall this year, but less than half may tell their doctor, according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).   This is such a common problem for the elderly that 43 million seniors are given medical care for injuries incurred by falls … Read More

Comfort Keepers Ottawa is proud to partner with the Great Canadian Theatre Company! GCTC offers high quality and a wide variety of programming to all ages, however, on these specific days, they offer an incredible deal of lunch and a show to the senior population. A great opportunity to get out to see a live … Read More

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) encourages everyone to understand the risk of household fires. Property damage caused by fires is staggering. The 3,000 deaths and 14,000 injuries caused in a year is heartbreaking. Fire is powerfully destructive, but there are ways to proactively reduce the risk of fire in your home, or in the … Read More

No one wants to have a conversation about Alzheimer’s with a parent or loved one. It can be tough and can feel overwhelming to both you and the inflicted adult. If the older loved one already has impaired judgment and memory loss, a cohesive conversation probably won’t even be possible. Still, there are loving ways … Read More

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