Sometimes seniors suffer from malnutrition because they simply don’t want to make a meal for just one person. Often aging adults report that they suffer their loneliest feelings during meals because they eat alone and don’t have anyone to talk with during meal times. An easy way to ensure your loved one has proper meals … Read More

Be Aware of the Signs and Symptoms of Stroke Because a stroke sometimes causes disability or death, it must be treated quickly as a medical emergency. A stroke occurs if the brain’s blood supply becomes interrupted or severely reduced. Sometimes this is a result of a sudden arterial blockage, or sometimes from brain tissue bleeding … Read More

Protect Skin in Summer Finally, summer is just around the corner and everyone, including our aging adults in home health care, will be able to take advantage of the warmer outdoors. Getting ample time outdoors is a benefit in many ways, yet it can be detrimental to skin, especially older skin. To protect adult skin … Read More

With the debut of spring, many seniors, with the assistance of our home care services, can take advantage of the warming weather with some light gardening outdoors. In addition, aging adults typically are uplifted by flowers and fresh produce and gardening offers them other benefits, as well. Some of these benefits include: Exercise Engaging in gardening … Read More

To celebrate Oral Cancer Awareness month, we at Comfort Keepers of Ottawa, ON have decided to educate seniors and older adults on common dental concerns, such as gingivitis and oral cancer. Our goal is to provide tips on how to achieve and maintain healthy teeth and gums to residents and our in home caregivers. Many of … Read More

Symptoms of kidney disease in seniors and older adults are so subtle that the disease often goes undiagnosed. This is why it’s extremely important to understand the symptoms of kidney disease so that you can spot the symptoms early and take your senior loved one to see a medical professional before the disease advances.   … Read More

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