To celebrate National Nutrition Month, seniors and older adults should make sure to eat proper portion sizes. Larger portions mean more calories and encourage seniors to eat more than they otherwise would. Senior adults that aren’t educated on portion control often underestimate how much food they are consuming, and can experience unhealthy weight gain as … Read More

The month of February is a perfect time to increase awareness about heart disease, its causes, and how seniors can prevent it. To start, we’ll take a closer look at what heart disease is, what can cause it, and how older adults and seniors alike can prevent this serious condition with long term care. What … Read More

One out of three Americans will develop some variation of an eye issue by the age of 65. While impairments of vision can easily occur at any age, they are highly common in aging adults. These vision impairment issues can interfere with the ability of seniors to lead an active lifestyle or maintain certain levels … Read More

Glaucoma is a serious eye disease even though it is painless. Glaucoma can damage the optic nerve, which allows us to see by connecting the eye to the brain. Often found in senior citizens, glaucoma is one of the leading causes of blindness. Read on to learn more from elderly care experts about glaucoma risk … Read More

The start of a new year gives many the desire to get organized. This is especially true for those who have aging loved ones. Growing concerns about their daily care cause many family members to consider ways they can make things easier for the senior. There are several answers to that question, but home care … Read More

Stress management is an important part of healthy living. Anything has the potential to bring stress, especially during the holidays. Family that has the responsibility to care for aging loved ones may find the season to be more stressful. Elderly care is an important part of managing stress during the holidays. You want to be … Read More

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