The joy of becoming a senior is sometimes clouded with the not so joyous moments and unexpected occurrences. One of the most common challenges that many seniors face is that of chronic disease. these diseases change their lives forever and make the simplicities of daily living, extremely complicated. Changes in the body and health of … Read More

Aging adults anticipate a life of excitement after retirement or as they age. Travel opportunities, time spent with family, grandkids and engaging in favorite hobbies are among those highly anticipated expectations. When things go as planned, each day is a new beginning. For some, things don’t always go as planned, and each day becomes more … Read More

November is diabetes awareness month. This brings more attention to the disease, and cause those living with the disease to look for ways to manage it. This is especially important during the holiday season, because eating the wrong foods, missing out on exercise and not getting enough rest can threaten the well-being of seniors. Enlisting … Read More

The steps to winter preparation vary from year to year. Though the predictions can be helpful, it is smart to prepare for the worse. It is even more important to ensure that aging loved ones are prepared. A senior care routine is crucial, as it helps everyone to align a plan for proper care of … Read More

There are many concerns surrounding the quality of care your aging loved one receives, but a home health aide alleviates many of those concerns. The umbrella of senior care is a wide one that covers a multitude of options. As a child, sibling or close family member, it is important to find senior living options … Read More

Hello September! This is the month that gives the most credible advice on aging and living a healthy life while doing so. Senior care is one of the most important factors surrounding life as an older adult. It is important to understand the steps that can enhance daily life and what can be done to … Read More

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