Interactive Caregiving Can Make A Difference In Your Parent’s Life

In order to lead a healthy and fulfilled life, your loved one needs to be stimulated more than just physically. Learn how Interactive Caregiving philosophy can improve their quality of life, as well as yours.


Taking care of your loved one can seem like a full-time job, where you spend a lot of time preparing home cooked meals for them, responding to calls for help, cleaning their home, running errands and paying their bills. However, it takes more than just completing these tasks to keep your parent vital and healthy.


In order to lead a healthy and fulfilled life, seniors need to be engaged in life, in their community and contribute to the world around them. Taking care of every aspect of senior’s well-being is the philosophy behind the Interactive Caregiving. Comfort Keepers of Ottawa, ON, understand that seniors don’t want just to be healthy, they also want to lead fulfilled lives and age at their own homes. That is why we interact with our clients on every level, physical, mental and social.


Family caregivers can also benefit from this Interactive Caregiving philosophy. By getting involved in other aspects of your loved one’s life, your bond gets stronger and your lives become more enriched. If you want your parent to have a brighter outlook on life and be more independent, you need to keep them both physically and mentally active. You can do this by encouraging them to learn new things, think for themselves and basically keep their mind active, by motivating them to stay more physically active thus keeping their bones and muscles strong, making sure they maintain a proper healthy diet and that they live in a safe environment.


Family caregivers should participate in their loved one’s physical activities, such as walking, cycling, playing games or solving puzzles. That way you will cultivate a bond between you and your loved one and also keep your parent’s body, mind, and emotions strong and positive for many years to come


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