Compassionate Home Care Services in Ottawa, ON

Comfort Keepers delivers quality home care services for seniors who need personalized care and assistance.

Quality and compassionate care for seniors is the core of our existence and the foundation of our successful care service programs. We are committed to providing excellent home care services to seniors and their families. Our services make it possible for seniors to live a life of happiness as they age, and enjoy good emotional and physical health while doing so. Comfort Keepers brings strategic, careful and assuring assistance to families and their loved ones. We strive to encourage and activate a plan that allows seniors to live a safe and independent life with the necessary help to enhance the experience. Our provisions cover a variety of unique care services. Among these services are Alzheimer’s and dementia care, Respite care, Home Care and more!


Our programs are personalized to meet the individual needs of the senior and can be adjusted to accommodate their changing needs. Our main goal is to provide services that encourage good health and well-being of seniors. We are committed to the safety, happiness and good health for the aging adults we serve. Arrangements for surveillance and emergency response can be made to reassure loved ones that their loved one is safe and has elevated security protection against harm or danger.


Comfort Keepers utilizes the SafetyChoice Monitoring System. It has attendants available 24 hours per day. Response to an alarm or alert is immediate and seniors have the assistance they need in record time. This gives families a sense of comfort to know that their loved ones have someone who cares to monitor their well-being and providing comfort and care at any time. Seniors receive regular calls from our attendants to ensure that they are safe and have the basics they need for a happy and healthy life.


Many families and seniors find it comforting that we perform health monitoring and medication compliance checks randomly. It is important that seniors take their medication as scheduled and the proper dosage. Medical monitoring is essential for those who live alone, as it helps to ensure that seniors follow the dosage schedule prescribed by their medical provider. Failure to take the right amount of medication at the appropriate time can cause seniors to become ill due to lack of or excessive medication. It can also lead to more severe incidents such as an overdose. Home care services have caregivers that are present to make sure medication is properly taken or administered. The outcome is that seniors and their family members can be at peace and rest assured that medications are taken as prescribed. The life of your senior loved one is greatly improved with the help of other service provisions such as meal preparation, and assistance with movement around crowded or unfamiliar places. These are all contributing factors that make home care services an important asset in the life of seniors.


Locations We Serve

Cumberland, ON
Our services extends to those in need of care in Cumberland, ON
Nepean, ON
In home care is available to elderly residents in Nepean, ON
Ottawa, ON
We provide in home care to elderly residents living in Ottawa, ON
Vanier, ON
We offer many different home care services that will cater to your elderly loved ones needs in Vanier, ON
Gloucester, ON
If your loved one is in need of assistance at home so they can continue to live safely and independently, our home care services are here to help. Visit our site and look at the various services we offer to seniors in Gloucester, ON
Orleans, ON
Comfort Keepers provides senior care for seniors in need of assistance at home in Orleans, ON
Sittsville, ON
Senior care is important for elderly residents to remain living independenrly in Sittsville, ON
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