The seniors in your life need your help to maintain a good quality of life while in isolation. As we continue to keep our homes and families safe during this COVID-19 outbreak, it’s important to consider the needs of the seniors in our lives and in our communities. Provincial and local health agencies are taking … Read More

Social Distancing and Self-Isolation: What Does It Mean? In light of the ongoing spread of the Covid-19 virus, self-isolation and social-distancing are two terms you have likely heard a lot recently. But what do they mean?  Social distancing At this time, everyone has been advised to practice social-distancing. Social-distancing is one way to help slow … Read More

What is Covid-19? Covid-19 has arrived in Peterborough. Over the past few weeks, we have watched and waited as the Covid-19 virus has made its way across the country.  The Comfort Keepers team has been following the news and health advisories very carefully. As always, the health, safety and happiness of our clients, staff and … Read More

Insomnia is the most common sleep problem in adults 60 and older. We often assume that sleep and seniors go hand in hand, however that isn’t always the case.  Many things change as we get older.  Something that we don’t necessarily expect to change is how we sleep. In fact, 46% of adults 65 and … Read More

Depression is a real risk among seniors No matter what age we are, living a life of purpose, connection and joy are critical for our physical and mental wellbeing. Older adults face a variety of challenges including vision loss, social isolation, mobility problems and memory loss. Consequently, life can be more difficult to enjoy and … Read More

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