The Importance Of Overnight Care for Seniors: Having Overnight In-Home Care For An Elderly Loved One Means More Sleep, Less Stress And Fewer Injuries

Most Seniors Want To Age At Home But Feel Anxious About Nights Alone. Research shows that as many as 91% of all seniors here in Ontario want to stay in their home or apartment for as long as possible. Making that happen are people like you — family caregivers who devote time and energy to … Read More

In-Home Palliative Care Offers Comfort And Support To Seniors And Their Family Canadians are living longer, but because of chronic conditions, degenerative diseases or cancer, they are not always living better. When a senior parent falls ill or is living with a long-term chronic condition, more often than not (99% of the time, in fact) … Read More

Seniors With Diabetes May Need Help To Stay Happy And Healthy. Diabetes is a serious health condition that can affect a senior’s health and quality of life in some very significant ways. 48% of people with diabetes in Canada are over 65 years old. Because a senior with diabetes may also be living with other … Read More

Heart Health Is An Important Issue For Seniors. Here in Canada, February is Heart Month. Heart Month is a time to bring attention to the importance of heart health for seniors and what we can to reduce their risk of heart disease. For seniors, this is an especially important issue. All told, heart disease affects … Read More

Help Seniors Enjoy The Winter Safely With These Helpful Tips For many seniors, winter is a long and sometimes lonesome season. Colder temperatures, the increased risk of slips and falls, as well as less opportunity for visits with family and friends because of poor driving conditions often lead to significantly more time being spent indoors. … Read More

Winter Can Be A Challenging Time Of Year For Seniors The winter season provides lots of opportunities for both indoor and outdoor activities. However, for seniors, it can be a challenging time of year. Some of the most common challenges faced by seniors at any time of the year include feelings of isolation, depression, and … Read More

What does death teach us? At some point in each of our lives, we will experience the death of a loved one. How does it affect us?  How do we process it?  How do you get through the grieving process and does it ever really end? These are questions I have asked myself. The one … Read More

In-home care offers unique benefits and comforts  Providing the care and support our ageing family members need is not always possible. The responsibilities of work, home maintenance, and children often leave us without the time to be as present as we would like to be. Likewise, many of us live at a distance from our … Read More

Seniors have been faced with many challenges due to the Covid-19 virus.  As we all know, seniors are especially vulnerable to the Covid-19 virus. The extra care seniors have had to take to minimize their risk of infection has meant living with limited access to resources, comforts, and companionship for the past several months.  The … Read More

Choosing in-home care for your senior parent has many benefits. As our parents and family members age, they often need more care and day-to-day support to maintain a good quality of life. For many of us, providing the care the seniors in our lives need isn’t possible because of responsibilities at work or living at … Read More

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