Finding The Courage To Make Changes In Your Life: You’re Stronger Than You Know!

Let’s Talk About Change (And How Scary It Can Be!)  What can I say about change? Simply put, change sucks. Change is hard for me, as I am sure it is for most of you. When things change — whether that change is something you have planned for or not — you are forced to … Read More

Yoga Is My Greatest Mental Health Tool.  After being diagnosed with depression in 2018, I started my personal journey towards wellness. I tried many different activities and practices in an effort to find balance and peace, to renew my energy and to reignite my passion for life. These included counselling, medications, changes to my nutrition … Read More

Being Diagnosed With Depression And Anxiety Was An Unexpected Relief. After I was first diagnosed with depression and anxiety, there was a lot going on in my mind. So much, in fact, that I was dizzy with emotion. I was confused and sad but also excited to finally have a label for the dark clouds … Read More

The Sun May Be Shining, But The Clouds Are Rolling In.  “In our current world of lockdowns and stay-home orders, it is hard to keep choosing the sunshine. Keep trying.” – Alyssa Rowe  Today, as I write this post, it is a beautiful 19 degrees outside. The sun is shining. I can see from my … Read More

“Paying closer attention to what is happening in my body clues me into what is happening in my mind.” – Amy Marlow It was a beautiful spring, and I did not feel like myself. In May 2018, I was struggling. Somehow, over time and little by little, something had changed. I no longer recognized myself. … Read More

Hello! I’m Alyssa and I’m so glad you’re here.    It’s not often I put myself center-stage and share my personal thoughts and experiences with people in the community. That being said, my business is a big part of my life and, as the owner, I am a big part of my business. We’re a … Read More

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