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Part of the work Comfort Keepers Peterborough does in this community is to connect seniors and their families with the resources they need to live happy, healthy and well-supported lives.

Client-Centred Care Helps Seniors Feel Like They Matter: Learn About The Benefits Of Prioritizing Joy And Companionship In Every Senior Care Plan

Uncategorized  |  June 7, 2022

Seniors Benefit From Having A Hand In Creating Their Own Care Plan. 

Client-centred care (sometimes called patient-centred or person-centred care) has been adopted in many settings. The philosophy of putting the wants and needs of the person receiving care at the heart of caregiving has been proven to benefit both patients and caregivers alike. 
This is as true for a patient in the hospital as it is for older adults receiving in-home senior care. Client-centred care ensures that the person receiving care is treated with dignity, compassion and respect. It is personalized, coordinated and empowering. And, it is an integral part of the Comfort Keepers philosophy of senior care called Interactive Caregiving.

A senior man and woman standing together, face to face, Both are smiling and looking at someone behind the camera.

Client-Centred Care Empowers Seniors. 

Not feeling valued is a common experience for seniors and it can have serious consequences for their health and wellness. 

“The need to matter applies to people of all ages and of vastly different backgrounds and cultures. It is a feeling that is relevant from the cradle to the grave and it is a global and universal need.” – Gordon L Flett and Marnin J Heisel*

Studies show us  that seniors feel like they matter when others: 

  • depend on them 
  • think (and express) that they are important to them 
  • actively pay attention to them 
  • express that they would be missed 
  • appreciate them and the things they do 

When a senior doesn’t feel heard, valued or like they matter, their quality of life suffers. Fortunately for caregivers, client-centred care is a simple and achievable way to show senior clients they are more than a number. 

When Seniors Are Empowered Their Quality Of Life Improves. 

By actively participating in planning their own care, seniors are empowered. And, when caregivers recognize seniors as unique and capable people, they lay the foundation for a positive and cooperative relationship. It’s a win-win situation!

Applying a client-centred approach to in-home senior care means acknowledging a senior’s: : 

  • Physical, emotional and cognitive abilities 
  • Personal history and life experiences 
  • Beliefs, values, perspectives and boundaries
  • Ability and desire to be responsible for their own day-to-day tasks 

Seniors who receive care from within the client-centred care model see many benefits. For example:

  • Seniors feel more motivated 
  • They are more likely to cooperate with a plan of care that they have taken part in creating
  • This approach helps seniors feel valued and capable 
  • There is a better chance of the senior and their caregiver building a positive and friendly relationship based on mutual trust and respect
Background: Senior mand and woman smiling and looking at something over their heads. Foreground: Yellow text block with a quote about the importance of feeling like you matter.

How Does Comfort Keepers Approach Senior-Centred Care? 

Delivering high-quality in-home care services so that seniors can enjoy independence and a better quality of life is always a priority for Comfort Keepers caregivers. 

Companionship and connection are integral to learning about a client’s wants, needs and abilities. And, the more a caregiver knows about his or her client, the better they can support them. 

Building that connection between a senior client, their family and our caregivers is at the heart of our philosophy of care — Interactive Caregiving

Interactive Caregiving raises seniors’ quality of life and independence to a level higher than typical care at home. Like other care providers, we deliver essential personal care, companionship, and housekeeping services that help seniors live at home. Through Interactive Caregiving, our care providers fully engage and interact with seniors in their care to build a positive relationship and to let our clients know they matter to us. 

What Role Does Companionship Care Play In Client-Centred Care? 

Companionship care goes hand-in-hand with client-centred care. It builds relationships and is an important part of every in-home senior care plan. The more our caregivers know about their clients, the better they can support them and meet their social and emotional needs. 

Comfort Keepers offers a wide range of “in-home” senior care services (not all of which have to happen in a client’s home). In addition to different types of specialized care our clients can include any of the following services as part of their care. 

In-home senior care doesn’t have to be limited to caring for a client’s practical needs. Finding ways to bring feelings of joy, belonging and purpose to a senior’s life is equally important. It is fundamental to Interactive Caregiving and is all part of client-centred care.

Comfort Keeper caregiver providing companionship care to a senior woman in the garden.

Comfort Keepers Caregivers Put The Client At The Heart Of Every Care Plan. 

If you or a senior loved one need the in-home care and companionship of a Comfort Keeper, give us a call. Prioritizing our clients’ joy, independence and quality of life is important to us because we know the real-life benefits seniors get from feeling valued and empowered. We are happy to serve clients in and around Peterborough and always centre our plans around the wants and needs of the person receiving care.
Call (705) 243-4042 or CLICK HERE to complete an online contact form. Our professional staff will be happy to explain our customizable in-home care options.

*Aging and Feeling Valued Versus Expendable During the COVID-19 Pandemic and Beyond: a Review and Commentary of Why Mattering Is Fundamental to the Health and Well-Being of Older Adults, Gordon L. Flett1 and Marnin J. Heisel2]

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