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Comfort Keepers provides award-winning in-home care for seniors and other adults in need of assistance with daily activities. Our highly trained and dedicated caregivers can help your loved one stay in their home for as long as safely possible—a dream come true for many elders.

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Part of the work Comfort Keepers Peterborough does in this community is to connect seniors and their families with the resources they need to live happy, healthy and well-supported lives.

Cognitive Stimulation Services for Seniors in Peterborough

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Staying Mentally Stimulated Is Crucial To The Overall Well-being Of Seniors

For older adults, maintaining an active and healthy mind should be a high priority. Cognitive processes include thinking, knowing, remembering, judging, and problem-solving. With age, brain health and therefore cognition can decline. How fast and how far cognition declines is affected by a variety of factors including physical and emotional health, the amount of mental stimulation available, the presence or lack of community, and nutrition. An understimulated mind is more likely to succumb to boredom, depression, and – in some cases – conditions like dementia. 

Fostering independence, joy, and wellness in the lives of our senior clients is at the heart of what Comfort Keepers Peterborough does. That is why we offer Cognitive Stimulation Services for seniors. 

Keeping seniors mentally stimulated is not about doing things FOR our seniors, it is about doing things WITH them. Each senior has their own abilities and needs. We meet them where they are to provide our clients with the support and encouragement they need to stay engaged and independent. The cognitive stimulation services for seniors in Peterborough are provided by the special caregivers we call Comfort Keepers, to promote health, wellness, and independent living to its fullest. 

What Are Cognitive Stimulation Services?

A lack of cognitive stimulation can lead to boredom and a sense of dissatisfaction with life. In some cases, it can also increase the risk of developing dementia

Cognitive stimulation includes exercises and activities that engage and challenge the mind. These services provide seniors with the opportunity to stay mentally active and engaged both as individuals and as members of their community. By working with our senior clients, daily activities like household maintenance, exercise, and personal hobbies and interests can continue to be a source of joy and accomplishment in their lives. Helping seniors maintain a strong sense of self and independence is part of our philosophy of care at Comfort Keepers Peterborough. 

Walking and Exercise As Cognitive Stimulation 

From lowering blood pressure to fighting depression, simple activities like walking have many health benefits. This includes brain health! Walking and other aerobic activities increase blood flow to the brain, boost creativity, release feel-good endorphins and generally make your mind and body healthier and happier. 

Comfort Keepers Peterborough offers both walking services and exercise services to help support seniors’ physical and mental health. 

  • Walking services include excursions big and small. From a stroll around the block to a trail walk, getting out of the house and moving provides opportunities for connection to the community and nature both of which contribute to cognitive stimulation. 
  • Exercise services include hands-on support with anything from stretching to more active aerobic exercises. We are happy to help seniors implement new fitness routines suggested by doctors and health care providers or to simply be an accountability partner. 

In-Home Support And Companionship 

Having a companion like a Comfort Keeper caregiver visit and spend quality time can provide many opportunities to seniors for engaging the mind and sharing simple moments of joy. Our caregivers can motivate and support seniors to stay engaged in the day-to-day running of their homes and lives. This can include tasks like: 

  • Cooking and nutritious meal planning
  • Cleaning and daily household maintenance
  • Seasonal decorating and interior projects

We believe in doing things with seniors, not for them. This style of care and companionship is empowering and promotes independence, physical mobility, as well as essential cognitive processes like decision making and accessing memory. 

Facilitation Of Hobbies And Games

Games and activities that challenge seniors to engage their minds, think strategically, and rely on memory are especially helpful for cognitive stimulation. Spending time playing or persuing hobbies is a sure way to maintain a strong sense of self, to elevate the spirit and to boost the brain. Comfort Keeper caregivers can be a partner or companion to senior clients for games and hobbies such as: 

  • Sudoku and crossword puzzles
  • Puzzles
  • Board games or card games
  • Scrapbooking
  • Building and/or painting models

Contact Comfort Keepers Peterborough To Learn More

If you or a senior in your family needs support or companionship in order to keep an active and healthy mind, contact Comfort Keepers Peterborough to learn more about our Cognitive Stimulation for Seniors.

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