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A Message From Our Owners: Corey and Alyssa

Growing up in the small town of Barrie, Ontario in a tight-knit family I learned the importance of helping people and being part of a community. After graduating from Carleton University with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology (Honours), I moved to Calgary, Alberta where I found myself working with Comfort Keepers Calgary. I was astounded by how fulfilling the work was. I loved it right away.

Over the next six years, I worked with the team at Comfort Keepers in Calgary and was given a place to truly shine. I was able to help seniors and their families, support the community and make connections and memories that would be with me for the rest of my life.

In September 2018 my husband, Corey, and I decided to move back to Ontario to support our own family; who have been struggling with numerous complex medical concerns. We knew we wanted to stay within the Comfort Keepers family, which is why we decided to purchase the Comfort Keepers Peterborough Franchise. We were officially awarded the territory in April 2019!

Corey, who has worked in the banking industry traditionally, has jumped on board and is ecstatic to be a part of this adventure with me. He enjoys camping, reading, spending time with his many nieces and nephews across Ontario and researching just about any topic, especially things related to computers and technology. His support and involvement have been invaluable.

Living and working in Peterborough has been a blessing over these last two years. It’s a very vibrant, patient, caring and beautiful community. We are both very excited to get to know the residents living here and to give back to a community that has already done so much for us personally and professionally.

I look forward to the humid Ontario summers, while Corey does not; he enjoys the cold winters. We both enjoy spending time outdoors. We love hiking, walking, cycling, watching movies, spending valuable time with family and friends and playing with our “boys” as we call them, our cats Bill and Gray.

Even in the midst of a pandemic, we hold our heads high and do our best to keep our staff, clients and community safe and healthy. Who knew we would own and operate a business during such challenging times? Nevertheless, we continue the uphill ongoing thrill of owning a business and all that comes along with it!

Corey and I continue to look forward to meeting and making connections with the wonderful people in Peterborough. This is our home now, and we are so happy to be here.

If there is anything at all we can do for you, please reach out by phone to (705) 243-4042. You are not alone.

Warm Wishes,

Alyssa and Corey Rowe

Alyssa and Corey Rowe, owners of Comfort Keepers Peterborough

Alyssa Rowe

Alyssa Rowe of Comfort Keepers Peterborough sitting on a stool smiling

Corey Rowe

Kristy Reynolds Comfort Keepers Peterborough

Kristy Reynolds | HR and Office Administrator

Kristy was born in Peterborough and raised all around the Kawartha Lakes area; Lakefield, Bridgnorth and Uxbridge. Growing up she had a very close family, they gathered often and held celebrations whenever possible.

Most of her family works within the health care field; as PSW’s, DSW’s, Companions and RN’s.

She believes that every person has their story and reasons for where they might be in that moment. Whenever someone personally comes to her for help, she does her best to support them and sheds a positive light into their life.

She has 2 sons under the age of 4, Elijah and Dominic, and enjoys spending her off time with them and her family.

Kristy is excited to continue her journey with Comfort Keepers Peterborough team and owner Alyssa. This company represents so much to the community and she is so proud to be a part of it. A company that brings light into so many people’s lives. It brings her joy to be part of this team.

Heather Litster | On Call Coordinator

Heather was born in Cambridge and grew up in Ayr. She’s been a traveller across Ontario for most of her life and has now landed herself in Hastings. She has always enjoyed learning and has often found herself in new cities for the learning experience that was offered there. Peterborough was her largest learning opportunity and she went to school at Trent University.

Heather has always been passionate about helping people and has volunteered with many different organizations such as the Alzheimer’s Society PKLNH, the CNIB, and local youth soccer clubs. As she really is a lover of learning, she faces each of these opportunities as a chance to get someone’s story and marvel in the experiences they have had.

She comes to Comfort Keepers Peterborough with a deep interest in making people’s lives more enJOYable from any angle she can.

Woman in white t shirt standing otuside with hands in pockets.
Woman with light hair smiling

Lorrie Laming | Scheduler Extraordinaire

Lorrie joined the Comfort Keepers team in August 2020 as a caregiver and in January 2021 moved into her new position as Scheduler. With years of experience as office manager for a dental and orthodontic clinic, her amazing administrative and people skills made her the perfect fit for the position.

Born and raised in Brockville, ON, Lorrie loves helping people and has an adventurous spirit. She enjoys swimming, hiking, kayaking, yoga and reading a good book. The mother of two daughters, Lorrie is also a grandmother to two grandkids.

Lorrie is always up for a challenge and is eager to keep learning more about our clients as well as the personal care and medical side of the work we do here at Comfort Keepers Peterborough. We are grateful to have Lorrie here, working alongside us as we continue to grow.

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