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Seniors and Technology

Integrating technology with in-home care for seniors

At Comfort Keepers®, we believe in using forward-thinking technology solutions to improve transparency of care, reduce social isolation, and improve engagement. Our caregivers are trained to utilize a variety of technologies to foster connection and purpose for seniors and their loved ones.

Our Online Family Portal Provides Peace of Mind

Staying connected and keeping each other informed is crucial to seniors and their families, especially when family members can’t be with their loved ones as frequently as they would like. In fact, keeping in close contact with family members is one of the greatest sources of joy for many seniors. Comfort Keepers’ free, online family portal provides families with the peace of mind they need while their loved one is in our care. Our online portal enables caregivers to share updates regarding your loved one’s daily activities, care plans, and potential areas of concern. Family members can also easily ask questions and add requests within the portal.

Using technology to foster connection and increase engagement

In today’s world, email, social networks, and phone calls serve to keep many of us connected to each other and the world. Using these technologies to feel close together can be as effective as in-person visits – especially when being together in the same room isn’t possible.

For seniors, finding ways to maintain connections to family and friends is critical for mental and emotional wellbeing. And there isn’t any doubt that being connected to the world is beneficial for seniors. Social isolation has negative effects, including diminished cognition and depression. Comfort Keepers caregivers implement modern solutions to help reduce feelings of loneliness and social isolation for seniors. This can include:

  • Regularly scheduled phone and video calls
  • Sharing of family photos and event recordings
  • Games and activities that help cognition and memory
  • Facilitating online activity, including access to music, dance, photography, and hobbies

As part of the individualized care plan created for each client, families and friends can define their goals in a way that is secure, attainable and provides increased quality of life.


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