Starting "The Conversation"

Aging happens. There is no getting around it.

Unfortunately, conversations about preparing for our senior years often do not happen. At least not as soon as they should.

In this article, Comfort Keepers® offers suggestions for overcoming the discomfort that many times prevents adult children and parents from beginning these important discussions – whether about long-term senior care and finances, health care, end-of-life decisions, driving, or safety around the house.

The best advice is to plan carefully and think through such conversations so that they are as positive and productive as possible. Write down what you think needs to be discussed so you don’t forget anything.

Also, do not approach this important opportunity as “The Conversation” , but as an ongoing series of conversations. Address one issue at a time rather than trying to resolve everything at once. It is less intimidating that way. If you start small, you are more likely to start.

Following are additional tips for starting the discussions:

Seniors Can Initiate the Conversation, Too

If you are a senior who is looking ahead and wanting to plan for the future, you do not have to wait for your children to bring up the subject. Often adult children don’t like thinking about their parents getting older and are reluctant to initiate the discussion.

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