Poor eye health is common in seniors, but even though some eye problems are considered a normal part of aging, your loved one can still take some preventative measures to maintain or improve eye health as they age. Here are 8 proven strategies for boosting eye health in senior years: Eating a Healthy Diet Proper … Read More

Since older adults spend much more time at home than when they were younger, they unfortunately often feel lonely and isolated. Not seeing family members or friends for days or more and not feeling like a part of their community anymore, seniors may become depressed or their health may deteriorate as a result of this … Read More

Unfortunately, statistics show that more than 12% of older adults in Canada who are discharged from a hospital return to it in less than a month. Readmission poses a serious issue for seniors, but luckily, it can be avoided. With a detailed post-hospital care plan and assistance delivered by an experienced and skilled caregiver, your … Read More

Countless studies have proven that exercise plays a pivotal role in maintaining physical and mental strength in senior years, contributing to a longer and better life. In fact, even small amounts of regular physical activity help reduce stress, improve mood, and boost energy and vitality. The CDC estimates that four out of the five most … Read More

Many of us don’t shy away from the occasional cocktail with a friend or the glass of wine with dinner, and for those seniors with proper doctor’s approval, this need not change for them either. However, it’s crucial to be aware of the ways in which alcohol can physically and mentally affect elderly adults, and … Read More

Comfort Keepers of Vancouver participated in Seniors Week recently by delivering ice cream to the Peace Arch Hospital Foundation Lodge! To see the entire article, you can view it at www.peacearchnews.com/community/seniors-week-celebrated-with-delivery-of-ice-treats/. Each year, the first week of June has been set aside as “Seniors Week” since 2002. Comfort Keepers is proud to serve the seniors … Read More

Since the stay at home order has been issued, many seniors feel like they are trapped in their own houses. They are no longer able to participate in activities such as attending cooking classes, yoga, book club meetings, and other ones that add structure to their daily lives, nor are they able to meet with … Read More

Social distancing is one of the most important measures we all need to take against the spread of the novel coronavirus. However, socially distancing ourselves from our family members and friends can be detrimental to our physical and mental health and well-being. To stay healthy and happy during the COVID-19 pandemic, you should encourage your … Read More

Recently, Comfort Keepers’ own Heather Martin wrote a piece featured in the Peace Arch News. The article, titled Maintaining wellbeing during senior isolation, gives tips and resources to seniors on how to keep area seniors protected and connected during this unusual time. Some activities she mentions that can be done with a senior in you life … Read More

Get Updates About Your Loved One’s Care With The Family Portal Comfort Keepers is pleased to announce that soon, we will be even more connected to our clients and their families with the Family Portal! The family portal allows clients and their family members to access information regarding their services with Comfort Keepers. The portal … Read More

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