A Growing Problem It seems that every week we can hear that someone ended up in a hospital due to food poisoning. Even in a world of increased safety and regulation, there is still a possibility that our food will get contaminated with bacteria and parasites. Fish, dairy and chicken are the foods that are … Read More

A hernia occurs when an organ or tissue makes its way through a frail spot in a muscle or connective tissue. Unfortunately, at least 10 % of the population will struggle with this medical condition at least once in their life. There are several types of hernia, and their severity and symptoms can vary.  No … Read More

Diabetes is a metabolic disorder characterized by high glucose levels and the inability to process sugar and it is fairly common in aging adults. In fact, seniors make almost half of the total number of individuals with diabetes in Canada and the numbers are on the rise. Without adequate management, diabetes can cause various health … Read More

Urinary incontinence is the inability to control urine elimination – a condition that is fairly common in aging adults. Although many seniors may have more serious medical concerns to think about, untreated incontinence can cause a number of health complications, affect social connections, and ruin a person’s self-esteem. For these reasons, successfully treating and managing … Read More

More than 100,000 people live with Parkinson’s disease in Canada, with over 6,500 new cases diagnosed each year. Parkinson’s is most commonly found among seniors over the age of 60 and it affects both males and females, although men are at a slightly higher risk of developing the condition. The most common symptoms of Parkinson’s … Read More

During the summer most seniors enjoy spending time outside, where they can engage in activities they love. However, it is extremely important to stay protected from the harmful UV rays when being outdoors since skin cancer is the most common cancer.  In fact, one in every three cancers diagnosed across the globe is skin cancer. … Read More

Elderly dehydration is an often overlooked health concern. Nonetheless, the senior population is more prone to dehydration than other age groups. A diminished sense of thirst, side effects of prescribed medication, mobility issues, and chronic conditions are just some of the reasons why aging adults may fail to drink enough liquids. For this reason, it … Read More

For seniors, falls can have a distressing physical and psychological impact. They often result in disability, chronic pain, loss of independence, reduced quality of life, and even death. Since falls are the leading cause of injury for older adults, preventing these accidents can help seniors stay independent.  Injuries caused by falls can have lasting physical … Read More

Vision loss and vision impairments are common issues in old age. While problems such as eye strain or eye irritations can be relatively harmless, vision-reducing eye diseases such as cataracts or glaucoma can have a major impact on Mom or Dad’s independence and quality of life. However, many age-related vision problems can be either improved … Read More

Stroke is one of the main causes of death in Canada. Although anyone can have a stroke, statistics show that three-quarters of people affected by it are seniors. It is the primary cause of physical disability, and one of the main causes of mental disability. More women die from a stroke than men in Canada. … Read More

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