Arthritis is a chronic, inflammatory condition affecting the joints and connective tissue and it is quite common in our golden years. As one in every five older adults suffers from arthritis, it is important to educate seniors and their caregivers on how to recognize the symptoms and manage the condition.   This article aims to … Read More

You may enjoy a drink or two every now and again. This is normal. Many seniors are able to drink in moderation without doing any damage to their health. However, going forward, if your loved one does consume alcohol, you should be aware of the effect it can have on them and how it is … Read More

Faced with a number of age-related hurdles, few seniors consider going for an oral cancer screening. However, seniors should always keep oral cancer in mind as, this year alone, as many as 5,000 people will be diagnosed with oral cancer and the large majority of them will be individuals over the age of 65. This … Read More

How home care can encourage healthy daily habits If you’re worried that an aging loved one isn’t getting adequate rest, you have good cause to be concerned. Studies have shown that chronic sleep deprivation can lead to increased risk of high blood pressure, diabetes, heart conditions including heart attack, stroke, and more. In-home care can … Read More

How senior care providers help improve daily routines Most of us know we need to eat right to enjoy good health, but as we age, what we need to eat—and what we have access to—can change. Seniors need to be mindful of meal planning and their regular diet as an important part of taking good … Read More

So many adults don’t understand diabetes. They don’t always realize it’s a serious disease. Who gets it? Why, and what can be done? Learn more here so you can better help yourself or someone you love. Please read the following   Fact: Both types of diabetes are serious, with more people dying annually from diabetes … Read More

Over half of older Americans are suffering from pre-diabetic conditions. Public education for prevention is vitally important. The aging adult who is pre-diabetic is at increased risk for developing type 2 diabetes but it’s not likely to progress if the adult makes the correct lifestyle changes.   Learning the best lifestyle changes that include healthier … Read More

The heart is essential to your wellbeing, so what can you do to take better care of it? Three simple changes in lifestyle habits will protect your heart health; they’re diet, exercise, and reduced stress.   Starting with diet, there are specific foods known to improve heart health that can also lower blood pressure and … Read More

Fortunately, a loved one who has survived a heart attack may continue to live a long time afterward, but his or her life is changed in many ways. The severity of heart damage determines how long the recovery will be, but seniors can generally expect 8 weeks or more of recovery time.   How is … Read More

Heart disease, cancer, and other major diseases usually top the list for health concerns of aging adults, but pneumonia needs to be considered, as well. It’s especially life-threatening to older adults. Viruses, bacteria, or fungi can cause pneumonia, with more than a million people hospitalized from it each year. Many of those are over 65 … Read More

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