Stress is just part of the journey with no way to avoid it for long. Older adults seem to trade the worries of raising their children and job or career concerns with other uncertainties. Aging people often become worried about their health or that of a loved one, spouse, or companion. They recognize that independence … Read More

Mourning the loss of a spouse or companion is one of the most difficult aspects of growing older. Elderly adults who have lost many family members and friends can dread an upcoming holiday season. Seniors sometimes suffer agony through a season that’s supposedly filled with joy.   Unfortunately, even the most festive gatherings can generate … Read More

Your holidays may be happy and full of celebrations with relatives and friends arriving for the festivities, but aging adults with physical and emotional difficulty during this time of year might decide that the season is not all that bright.   Chronic health conditions, pain, and discomfort, mixed with mobility challenges, make participation in holiday … Read More

Symptoms of chronic stress are likely to appear anytime family or friends are in a position of caring for a loved one. The kind loving care provided to someone you love can actually cause emotional and physical suffering. It’s commonly labeled compassion fatigue and the term is typically used when people are caring for a … Read More

When it comes to medications, the proper management of dosage and times is vital to the wellbeing of any aging adult who wants to continue to live independently. The right medication at the proper time is essential to an aging loved ones’ good health. Medications taken incorrectly can be dangerous. How can you provide help … Read More

Although a number of seniors fall without getting seriously hurt, one out of five does get injured. It’s believed that less than half will tell a doctor. Unfortunately, things often worsen once an aging person has fallen because they become so frightened of falling again. This starts a downward slide since less activity makes the … Read More

National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) wants to help you reduce your home fire risk by being aware of some simple changes to home environments. It’s important to understand household fires, how they often start, and what you can to do protect yourself and loved ones. Fires devastate families with injuries and loss of lives and … Read More

Talking about Alzheimer’s to a parent or loved one is a dreaded conversation. It can feel like an overwhelming challenge and if your loved adult is currently suffering from impaired judgment and memory loss, you might not even expect to have a rational conversation. Good to know you can still find loving ways to approach … Read More

Incredibly, there are over 5 million older adults in the U.S. that are suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease (AD), according to the Alzheimer’s Association. AD creates devastating memory issues, cognitive problems and changed behaviors that can destroy the victim’s ability to work and diminish their social relationships. Even the simplest activities of daily living eventually are … Read More

Should you go for a cataract exam? If you have been experiencing blurred or double vision, eyeglasses don’t make things better, and normal activities are being challenged by your vision issues, then yes. If cataracts aren’t treated properly, and in a timely manner, they tend to worsen and can lead to blindness. Preventative examinations, along … Read More

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