Comfort Keepers Provides Bathing & Personal Hygiene Assistance In Vancouver, BC

If you are proving care for an aging loved one who continues to live at home and you recently noticed they have started to smell funny or always wear the same clothes, chances are they are unable to keep up with basic hygiene tasks.

Comfort Keepers of Vancouver can help. Our trained care professionals can discretely assist with bathing, grooming, and other personal care tasks, making sure your Mom or Dad looks and feels good on the inside and outside.

Our bath & hygiene services are designed to assist with:

  • Bathing and showering
  • Getting dressed, putting shoes and accessories
  • Oral and denture care
  • Brushing and styling hair
  • Shaving
  • Applying makeup
  • Trimming or polishing nails
  • And much more

A Matter of Consistency

For most of us, maintaining good hygiene is pretty much a matter of consistency. However, bathing at least a few times per week, if not every day, can be a big challenge for aging adults. If your loved one lives with physical limitations or chronic conditions, it can be especially hard for them to regularly perform essential hygiene routines or even go in or out of the bathtub safely.

There is a number of issues that are associated with poor hygiene – first, there are unpleasant, strong body odors and unkempt appearance, which often cause a blow to one’s self-esteem. Second, poor hygiene habits may lead to developing sores, rashes, inflammations, infections, and other medical conditions that can further aggravate the already frail health of many seniors.

Nonetheless, with ample assistance from our trained caregivers, all hygiene needs can be adequately met. Comfort Keepers is dedicated to handling these matters tactfully, with the utmost respect, and making certain your loved one never misses their daily hygiene routines.

Helping Avoid Unnecessary Risk

Certain bathroom features pose a considerable fall risk, as they are rarely designed to be senior-friendly. This is especially true for wet tiles and other slippery surfaces. That is why many families often opt to enhance the safety of their loved one’s bathroom by installing a bathtub and toilet seat bar, as well as placing non-skid mats. Even with these safety precautions, your parent can still slip and fall when unattended.

Having a professional aide to assist with hygiene-related routines is a great way to ensure performing certain tasks is not only much easier but safer as well.

Besides bathing and hygiene assistance, our caregivers can also assess the overall safety of your parent’s home, propose fall-proofing and home modifications, and help with decluttering to reduce fall risks to a minimum.

We are here to help

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