Senior Home Care Services: Mobility Assistance

Problems with mobility are fairly present in the senior population. However, just because they are a somewhat normal and expected part of aging does mean nothing can be done about these issues.

As many older adults experience mobility issues, which lead to additional physical health problems and mental health decline as well, it is important that your loved one gets plenty of support when their mobility starts decreasing. With home care services from Comfort Keepers, your parent can continue to enjoy a high quality of life and increased independence despite the challenges they are faced with.

How we can help

At Comfort Keepers, we understand how important mobility is to maintaining independence. That is why we encourage our clients to remain as physically, mentally and socially active as they possibly can. Activity is the pillar of Interactive Caregiving, our revolutionary brand of senior care that aims to include older adults in all aspects of their care.

Our caregivers help older adults overcome mobility-related obstacles, improving their physical and mental wellness as a result. Whether your loved one’s mobility has decreased due to an illness or injury, our team can provide various services that can make a real difference in their life, including mobility assistance, transferring & positioning, and companionship not just during exercise but various daily activities too.

We can help outside the home

In addition to helping your loved one move around their home, our care providers can provide mobility assistance outdoors and accompany them anywhere they wish to go in the area, whether to a grocery store, shopping mall, senior day center, the doctor’s office or to see friends and family. This will allow your parent to be in control over their life and schedule and lessen their fear of activity, which is very common among seniors with mobility issues. Your loved one will be able to leave their home whenever they want and spend their days as they see fit, supported by a trained and loving caregiver, and you will have ultimate peace of mind that they are safe and happy.

For seniors who must remain seated or are bedridden, we provide transferring & positioning, services that relieve pressure off certain parts of the body and improve various bodily functions, like breathing and digestion.

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