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Our in home care services are here to help seniors with their daily living needs

If you’re looking to better support your elder loved ones around the home consider Comfort Keepers personal in home care services. Our agency is able to perform a wide selection of care options to suit just about every living need. From personal care to companionship, and everything in between. Plans can also be adapted for seniors with special medical needs.


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Personal Care

Mobility Assistance

To help clients maintain as active a lifestyle as possible, our Comfort Keepers can ensure your senior is getting the right amount of exercise each day. Moving the body on a daily basis can offer many physical and mental health benefits. This can include strong joints, improved digestion, lower blood pressure, releive of stress, and improvement in mood.


Transferring & Positioning

Each Comfort Keeper on our in home care services team is provided with special training and physically cleared to properly help clients move and position themselves. For seniors with limited mobility, proper transferring and positioning alleviates pressure areas on the body, better protects against stiffening muscles, and encourages better digestion and breathing.


Toileting & Incontinence Care

Comfort Keepers are able to approach the topic of incontinence sensitively. All tasks are performed in a manner to maintain their dignity while ensuring their health and safety. They can also help your senior to maintain their self-esteem through their caring approach.


Feeding & Special Diet

Our in home care services team can assist seniors that have lost the ability to properly feed themselves, making every effort to turn mealtime into something that is always enjoyable and looked forward to. Seniors with conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, or osteoporosis can also benefit from our nutritional coaching and guidance. We can also ensure your loved ones stay on any prescribed diets.


In-Home Companionship & Household Services

Conversation & Companionship

Social contact is proven to be very beneficial to a person’s health and happiness. This is why each visit from our Comfort Keepers is one where much work AND much fun can be had. Meals can be shared, games can be played, photobooks looked through and more.


Meal Preparation

Our Comfort Keepers can prepare meals that are not only delicious but healthy. Depending on your loved one’s ability, they may also be able to help too! We believe that every senior deserves a well-balanced meal to enjoy healthier living.



Whether at home or at a laundromat, all laundry services include sorting, stain removal, washing, drying, ironing, hanging up, and folding/putting away. Laundry will always be done according to our client’s preferences.


Light Housekeeping

Keeping a home free from clutter helps to make it a safer place to live, and can alleviate mental stress. Along with making everyday items easier to reach, our Comfort Keepers can clean vacuum, mop, dust, and sweep. They can also clean bathrooms and kitchens, straighten out rooms, reorganize drawers or closets and clean windows. Please be aware that our in home care services to not include outdoor cleaning or maintenance.


Grocery Shopping/Errands

If clients find they are unable to make it to the grocery store our Comfort Keepers can help make them a nutritious list and run the errand for them. Clients can help put away groceries depending on their abilities or even accompany their Comfort Keeper to the store.



Clients can get transportation to medical appointments, fun outings, events, and more. Getting seniors out of the home from time to time can benefit their mental health.


Live-In Services & 24 Hour Care

Depending on the client’s needs, a Comfort Keeper can be arranged to stay in their home or a team can work in shifts so a member is available around the clock. These services can be for both the short or the long term.


If you are interested in our in home care services for seniors please contact us at 604-200-7893 or fill out our online form.


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