How Caregivers Can Help Seniors Stay Active

We are all aware of the importance of exercise. For older adults, exercise and staying active is no less important. Over two decades working as caregivers across the country and abroad, we have found that if older adults stay active throughout the day, they are more likely to stay healthy and emotionally balanced in their Golden Years. At the same time, exercise and active lifestyle, in general, help older adults live more fully and stay independent for longer.

Although exercise and activity are important for all of us, when it comes to older adults, certain precautions do have to be taken. If your senior parent is considering starting to exercise, before they do, they should speak with their doctor. It is important for them to make sure they are in physically good condition, and if they are, it is always a good idea to start out with low impact activities like walking.

At the same time, it does have to be taken into consideration that it is a good idea for older adults to have someone accompany them as they exercise. If your parent has recently lost a life partner of a spouse, you may be worried about them exercising on their own. The good news is that with a professional caregiver, your loved one can stay safe and exercise, giving you peace of mind.

Does your loved one need care?

If you are having trouble figuring out whether your parent is in need of professional caregiving, it may be good to ask yourself, or even better, them, the following couple of questions:

  • Has your senior parent become forgetful about their medication?
  • Do they get frustrated easily when it comes to taking care of day-to-day tasks?
  • Do you find that they are spending an increasing amount of time in bed, lying down or sleeping throughout the day?
  • Have they lost interest in things that were once dear to them? If so, is it because of their physical or mental health?

As caregivers, there is a lot we can do for your parent. At Comfort Keepers in Vancouver, we offer a wide range of personal care, companionship care, and specialized services. Our personalized approach to caregiving ensures our clients receive exactly the assistance they need throughout the day. Seniors are individuals just like the rest of us, we should treat them as such.

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