The Senior Mind: Help Your Parent Maintain Their Independence for a Long Time

Although most of us are aware of the fact that time does take a physical toll on our bodies. However, few consider the fact that our mind will be affected as well. Going forward, consider what you could do to help your loved one stay sharp for as long as possible. As professional providers of home care, we have helped thousands upon thousands of seniors in Vancouver, BC and across the country.

Staying Active is Paramount

We are all aware of the fact that staying active has a positive effect on the heart. However, did you know that it can positively impact the mind as well. This is particularly important for older adults, as studies are currently showing that physical activity can stave off dementia. At Comfort Keepers, we can help your loved ones stay active in a supportive environment, making sure they are always staying as safe as possible.

We Have to Work Out Our Minds As Well

We mentioned already that regular exercise and generally leading an active lifestyle can positively impact the wellbeing of our minds. But, there are exercises you can do for your mind as well. Your senior parent could definitely benefit from them as well. Mental exercises can work out the muscles of their mind, keeping them strong going forward.

There are plenty of things your parent can do to keep a strong mind. Mental exercises can be as simple as learning a new skill or using a computer to communicate with their loved ones and friends. Crafting is a good idea as well, as everyone can participate in these low impact activities.

If your loved one does not like crafting, maybe they would enjoy playing board games or putting together puzzles. Whatever your loved one would like to do, our caregivers can be there to support them.

Staying Social is Important

Human beings are social animals. When we become lonely and isolated, our minds suffer for it. The fact is that we do need to interact with others on a daily basis in order to maintain a high level of health, including our mental health as well.

Unfortunately, many seniors simply do not have the luxury of staying in touch with family and friends on a regular basis. Comfort Keepers can help. As part of our companion care, our caregivers will spend time with your loved one. They can also work with them to find ways for them to stay in touch with people that matter most to them.

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