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Abbotsford is an energetic city tailored to the needs of a modern world yet full of understanding for the old world. From numerous parks, recreational and cultural facilities to many events, this city keep its residents engaged in the activities and socialization. Seniors who live in this city enjoy a variety of opportunities for meeting new senior friends, and going to all kinds of destinations with their loved ones. However, we know that many seniors need assistance with personal tasks, housekeeping, meal preparation, and other simple activities. In those situations, hiring a senior home care provider might be just what a senior needs to get back on track.

For many families struggling to care for a senior loved one without professional assistance, the decision to move forward with senior care services in the home can be an enormous weight lifted off their shoulders. Comfort Keepers can help ease the stress of caring for a loved one by offering industry leading and award-winning home care services for your loved one. Each care plan we craft is uniquely different and designed with the needs of our specific clients in mind. In fact, when you begin working with us, we will do an initial evaluation of your loved one’s home life, physical limitations or struggles, medical needs, personality and hobbies to determine exactly what level of care is necessary.

Our expert senior care providers will also incorporate our Interactive Caregiving Philosophy into your loved one’s plan to ensure he or she receives regular social interactions and physical exercise. Scientific studies show the benefits of an active life in late adulthood greatly contributes to overall wellbeing and health. We work to reap those benefits for your senior loved ones. Our in home assistants can incorporate activity into daily routines like housekeeping, cooking meals and sharing in conversation to make sure that your loved one feels included and engaged in the running of their own home. Care providers also encourage seniors to step outside of the home and take a stroll around the block or pack a picnic and enjoy the day at a local park.

Our care agency also works to encourage community engagement with greater Abbotsford by keeping strong ties with local community organizations and agencies that provide senior resources and offer opportunities for your loved one to socialize with other seniors and residents of Abbotsford. Our senior care experts are able to provide transportation to events and activities throughout the area so that seniors who cannot or do not wish to drive may also participate in outside activities. If you would like to talk to one of our professionals about how our care services can benefit your loved one, contact us today!

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