For many Canadian seniors, the decline of physical and mental faculties necessary for safe driving may be one of the biggest challenges of aging. As we age, a gradual loss of vision, hearing, dexterity, or mental sharpness slowly but surely interferes with our ability to safely operate a motor vehicle. At a certain point in … Read More

Social wellness can be described as the ability of any individual to communicate and maintain meaningful relationships with others. In order to feel our happiest and healthiest, maintaining social wellness is equally important as maintaining physical and mental wellbeing. However, as we age, staying socially engaged often becomes a huge challenge for many senior Canadians. … Read More

It is estimated that more than 90% of older adults have at least one chronic condition while around 77% of seniors struggle with two ongoing health issues or more. Besides being a big burden on the family budget, chronic conditions often lead to disability and loss of independence in seniors. On the bright side, the … Read More

It goes without saying that medications are most effective when taken according to a doctor’s prescription or in the case of over-the-counter medications according to label directions. However, proper medication management is often an issue for older adults who continue to live independently at home but struggle with depleting health and arising chronic conditions. While … Read More

Some bittersweet news, Brecon is going to be leaving Comfort Keepers Victoria at the end of the month. He explains his decision and talks about the future with new ownership coming onboard. We want to wish Brecon and the family the best of wishes and a big welcome to Heather and Roger Martin – who … Read More

Eating a healthy, well-balanced diet is essential for maintaining good health and an elevated quality of life in golden years. According to the National Institute of Aging, good nutrition plays a pivotal role in boosting overall health, acuity, and longevity, while keeping a range of chronic illnesses at bay. With the support of a family … Read More

Seniors are at a higher risk of dehydration than any other age group. With age, physiological changes happen in the body that increase the risk of becoming dehydrated. For example, many seniors lose the sense of thirst, which is why they do not drink enough fluids. Also, as older adults engage in fewer physical activities … Read More

Still just 1 positive case so far for the Comfort Keepers Victoria clients and staff. This week, Brecon answers questions around masking (wear them WHENEVER you can). Keeping everyone as safe as possible is the most important thing. He also encourages everyone to enjoy the beautiful weather – within moderation – and gives tips to … Read More

Brecon shares that just 1 COVID positive case popped up over the past 13 months. Cases are jumping around the island. He wants to encourage everyone to stay smart and safe. There is a new LPN joining the Comfort Keeper team! Maggie will be introduced to everyone soon. Finally, a reminder to support local during … Read More

It is perfectly normal for sleeping patterns and habits to change with age. However, waking up too often in the middle of the night, being tired after waking up, and experiencing other symptoms of insomnia is not considered a normal part of aging. Insomnia in seniors Insomnia is very common among all age groups, but … Read More

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