Seniors are at a higher risk of dehydration than any other age group. With age, physiological changes happen in the body that increase the risk of becoming dehydrated. For example, many seniors lose the sense of thirst, which is why they do not drink enough fluids. Also, as older adults engage in fewer physical activities … Read More

Still just 1 positive case so far for the Comfort Keepers Victoria clients and staff. This week, Brecon answers questions around masking (where them WHENEVER you can). Keeping everyone as safe as possible is the most important thing. He also encourages everyone to enjoy the beautiful weather – within moderation – and gives tips to … Read More

Brecon shares that just 1 COVID positive case popped up over the past 13 months. Cases are jumping around the island. He wants to encourage everyone to stay smart and safe. There is a new LPN joining the Comfort Keeper team! Maggie will be introduced to everyone soon. Finally, a reminder to support local during … Read More

It is perfectly normal for sleeping patterns and habits to change with age. However, waking up too often in the middle of the night, being tired after waking up, and experiencing other symptoms of insomnia is not considered a normal part of aging. Insomnia in seniors Insomnia is very common among all age groups, but … Read More

Comfort Keepers is known for delivering top-quality care to senior homes in Victoria and the surrounding areas of British Colombia. In addition to part-time and full-time care, our dedicated caregivers can also provide 24-hour home care for seniors who require assistance during the day and monitoring during the night. Who can benefit from 24 hour … Read More

When a loved one ages and is no longer able to take good care of themselves, families need to choose the best care solution. Many families opt for nursing homes, which used to be the most popular care option for most older adults. But nowadays, there are many other care solutions that may be a … Read More

Yet another week of 0 COVID cases within Comfort Keepers in Victoria among clients and caregivers. Everyone keep it up! Vaccines are also on the way. Comfort Keepers will be there to help get these scheduled for our clients. Also, with the weather getting nicer, stay active! Finally, a huge thank you to all of … Read More

A bigger update this week! Another weekly update with 0 COVID-positive cases with the Victoria Comfort Keepers office and numbers are improving across the island. Brecon also provides guidance around heading to the hospital and shouts out Island Health, who is doing an outstanding job managing the pandemic and keeping patients safe. He also talks about … Read More

Even with numbers being not so great in other places, Brecon shares that there are still 0 positive cases among staff and clients in Victoria. Family Day is coming up, so let the office know if you will be needing care. Brecon also introduces the newest addition to the Gage family! Watch it here: More … Read More

In-home senior care is a great option for families who want their elderly loved ones to receive high-quality care without having to move from their beloved homes. It also provides busy family caregivers with peace of mind that their loved one’s needs will be met even though they cannot be there for them on every … Read More

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