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Comfort Keepers provides award-winning in-home care for seniors and other adults in need of assistance with daily activities. Our highly trained and dedicated caregivers can help your loved one stay in their home for as long as safely possible—a dream come true for many elders.

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Uplifting In-Home Care Services for Seniors & Other Adults Right Where You Need It. Comfort Keepers Barrie, ON provides in home care services and senior care in the following cities in Ontario: Barrie

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One of the biggest difficulties that families have when seeking out respite care for a beloved senior in their life is being able to provide all of the necessary functions for assistance that may be needed. Usually, this kind of support requires an extensive time commitment and in some cases, specific training; both of which can be hard to come by without the proper education or understanding of the specific needs of seniors. Busy lives, the stress of being worried about a sick loved one and many other things can get in the way of even the best intentions.

Comfort Keepers® in Barrie, ON understands that while you may want to be there for your loved one, sometimes providing care can simply be too difficult for one person to manage on their own. Thankfully, there are now expanded respite care services designed to fit our Barrie residents and their families. When a senior family member requires respite care, there are usually a lot of other things going on. Our services allow you to rely on the compassionate assistance of our caregivers to be there while you take a much-needed rest.

Our staff will fill in the gaps, so that you as a family can be there when you’re at your best rather than stressed or under pressure. Let us take the load off. We are there when your loved one needs someone to provide medication reminders, help with cooking or cleaning, bathing assistance, or companionship when you cannot be there.

It is our goal to work with both our client and their family to create a well-rounded respite care plan that meets the needs of everyone actively involved with assistance. From day one we incorporate what we like to refer to as an Interactive Caregiving™ which works to meet the medical, social, and physical needs of our clients. The plan is designed to provide companionship and physical stimulation, allowing our personal support workers to create strong bonds with their clients and families.

If you need a break from your care duties as a family member, give us a call today at 416-800-2535 to learn more about how our compassionate respite care workers can help. You can also fill out our Contact Us form and arrange a meeting with one of our trained staff that will help you select the right services that will blend with your loved one’s lifestyle.

Comfort Keepers® provides in-home care services and senior care in the Barrie, Ontario area.

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