Staying Positive During Stay at Home Order in Vancouver, BC

Since the stay at home order has been issued, many seniors feel like they are trapped in their own houses. They are no longer able to participate in activities such as attending cooking classes, yoga, book club meetings, and other ones that add structure to their daily lives, nor are they able to meet with their friends and catch up.

Being socially isolated can take a toll on your aging loved one’s mental health, which is why it is important to take steps to ensure they stay hopeful and positive during the pandemic. Our caregivers can help you with this task. There are several ways you can ensure your parent stays positive during the stay at home order:

Set up a virtual social network

Unfortunately, many seniors have been way too familiar with social isolation even before the outbreak. Being cut off from the world can lead to many health issues, from high blood pressure and heart disease to anxiety and depression.

Luckily, by utilizing technology your aging loved one can easily stay connected to their friends and family members. Show them how to use Skype, Facetime, Facebook, or other platforms, email, and texts and they will be able to make connections over the phone or via video chat. This way your parent will be able to cope with loneliness and anxiety while staying at home.

Keeping up a healthy routine

To maintain their health, your loved one needs to stay physically active and eat healthy and nutritious meals. Our caregivers can help them maintain a workout routine and even assist with meal preparation whenever needed.

The National Center on Physical Activity and Disability offers a lot of resources for how seniors can stay active, regardless of mobility. Maintaining normal amounts of exercise and practicing healthy eating has both physical and mental health benefits.

Taking media breaks

The last thing your loved one should do is watch the news about COVID-19 all day long. This can increase their anxiety levels and shake them up. Therefore, they should limit their screen time and engage in fun activities instead.

If you wish to learn more about how our care services can help your loved one maintain a positive attitude during the pandemic, contact our office in Vancouver, BC today!

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