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Understanding the Importance of Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia Care

Uncategorized  |  November 6, 2017

Memory loss is a frightening experience for anyone to endure. Imagine the complexity and challenges it causes for seniors and their families. Dementia is a serious illness and Alzheimer’s disease is the most common form, as it works to gradually abolish the ability to think and remember things. As the disease progresses, simple things such as bathing, preparing meals, and toileting become almost impossible. To bring awareness to Alzheimer’s Disease and the significance of Dementia Care, we’ve composed a few tips and pieces of advice for those facing the illness.

Early Warning Signs

Sometimes, the warning signs can be ignored or mistaken for simple forgetfulness. This is extremely common, as many people tend to ignore the signs or mistake them for something much less intrusive. Here are a few signs that may appear:

  • Memory Loss – this is by far the most noticeable warning sign of Alzheimer’s disease. If the aging senior in your life begins to have difficulty remembering names, places, faces, and even how to utilize certain objects such as a toothbrush, the remote or other items used daily, this may be an indication of a serious issue.

  • Depression – it is easy to recognize when your senior loved one may be slipping into depression. A few signs or indicators include disrupted sleeping patterns, withdrawal from family or friends, or a lack of interest in hobbies and social activities. If your senior was once active and involved in several activities, but no longer has an interest, it may be a sign of the onset of Alzheimer’s disease.

  • Misplace Things Often – it is quite common for people to put things down and forget where they were placed. However, it’s a little different with Alzheimer’s disease. Seniors typically put things in the wrong place. For instance, the remote may be placed in the bathroom or the tissue in the kitchen.

Families who have loved ones that may be coping with memory loss can benefit from professional dementia care. Care providers have the necessary skills and a clear understanding of the disease. To inquire about receiving care from our caregivers, who are have experience providing specialized Alzheimer’s and Dementia care to our residents, contact us today.

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