Useful Tips On Maintaining Your Loved One’s Wellness During Self-Isolation

During the COVID-19 pandemic when all of us need to stay at home as much as possible, it is crucial to help our senior loved ones maintain physical and mental well-being and avoid negative effects of self-isolation.

The following suggestions can help your Mom or Dad stay healthy and get through the pandemic safely:

Ensuring basic needs are met – Members of the family, caregivers, and volunteers can help your loved one stay at home by running errands, fetching groceries and home supplies, or picking up prescriptions. Another great idea is to order essential supplies online and have them delivered directly to your parent’s home.

Connecting with loved ones – Your Mom or Dad can place video calls via Skype and FaceTime to regularly keep in touch with kids, grandkids, and close friends until the situation blows over.

Staying engaged – It is important that your loved one finds meaningful ways to pass the time during self-isolation. For example, they can opt to solve crosswords, look at old photos, renew interest in an old hobby, and more.

Getting enough exercise – You should encourage Mom or Dad to maintain their exercise routine while at home. Lifting light weights, dancing, or doing yoga can help maintain their muscle tone, flexibility, and strength at times when leaving the house to go for a brisk walk is not an option. Additionally, many gyms and fitness professionals offer free virtual workouts for a home setting.

Maintaining a healthy diet – It is all too easy to eat more snacks when we spend a lot of time at home. Remind your loved one to avoid unhealthy or processed foods and consume more fruit, vegetables, calcium, and proteins.

Performing a major spring cleaning – Now is a great time to plan and execute a large-scale cleaning project and make sure to disinfect all surfaces in the home.

Do not give up on holidays – Spring holidays like Mother’s Day, Easter, and Passover are occasions for a celebration that many seniors very much look forward to. Even though your family cannot get together this year, there is no reason why your loved one cannot dress up nicely, prepare a special holiday meal, or send out cards to the family.

Enjoying everyday activities – Whether it is reading a book, baking, or just enjoying a good cup of coffee, even simple routines can provide meaningful moments and make your loved one’s day a little brighter.

For seniors who need additional support at home, Comfort Keepers can help. We assure you all our trained caregivers follow safety protocols and wear the right protective equipment to provide safe and loving care in your loved one’s home.

Comfort Keepers can be an invaluable partner in care during these difficult times. Call our Vancouver office today to learn more!

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