Interactive Caregiving Improves Your Loved One’s Overall Well-Being

Many family caregivers pay attention only to the physical tasks of providing care for their loved ones. However, senior’s well-being depends on so many factors and with Interactive Caregiving you can take providing care for your parent to a whole new level.

Ensuring your loved one takes their meds regularly, maintains proper nutrition, and lives in a clean and safe environment is important, but it is not enough to ensure the overall well-being of your loved one.

How Interactive Caregiving works

In order to live a fulfilled, happy, and healthy lives seniors need to socialize, be active, and contribute to the world around them. Therefore, when you are providing care for your parent, you need to take into consideration every aspect of their being.

With that said, this Interactive Caregiving where seniors are being physically, mentally, and socially stimulated is the main philosophy of Comfort Keepers of Vancouver, BC. We have embraced the act of caregiving in this unique manner which allows us to enhance the overall health and well-being of our clients.

You can use this methodology too

This philosophy should also be used by family caregivers. Not only will Interactive Caregiving help your loved one feel healthier, happier, loved, and valued, but it will also enrich your lives. In order to ensure your parent has a positive outlook on life and higher cognitive functioning, you need to pay attention to every aspect of their persona.

By motivating them to become more mentally active, you ensure that your loved one lead a happier and longer life. Physical activity maintains its muscle and bone strength and helps them live more independently. By making sure your loved one maintains a healthy diet, you are ensuring that they have enough energy to be physically and mentally active, and with the cleaning, you are providing a safe living environment for your loved one.

If you are a family caregiver you should participate in physical activities with your loved senior. Whether you are going for a walk, riding bikes, solving puzzles, reminiscing about past or playing games, these activities will strengthen your bond and improve your parent’s quality of life in so many ways.

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