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Providing Elder Care at Home? Here Are some Tips on Dressing Older Adults for Winter

Uncategorized  |  April 29, 2022

If you are providing elder care at home for a senior in your life, then chances are you will have a number of different hurdles and challenges in front of you. Overall, your primary goal as a home care provider is to make sure that your loved one is safe and comfortable, no matter what conditions they may face. This becomes even more pertinent during the winter when snow, ice and freezing temperatures can but any older adult at risk.

When you are providing elder care at home to an older adult during the winter you need to not only make sure that they are warm but that they are safe from slippery conditions and falls. After all, falls are the number one reason that older adults end up in the hospital. The key to keeping your loved one safe in this manner, is to make certain that they are dressed appropriately for all winter conditions. Here are some of the best tips on dressing older adults for any caregiver providing elder care at home.

  • Dress your loved one in lots of layers. It is easy to take layers off, but difficult to add more warmth when needed. The more layers the better.
  • Always keep their hands protected. If the older adult you are caring for has arthritis or joint pain, extremely cold weather conditions can only make this pain feel worse. Make sure they are always wearing gloves, even if the winter temperatures seem manageable.
  • Proper footwear is essential for any older adult during the winter. Your loved one should always be wearing boots that are not only warm, but that have durable traction on the bottom, to prevent slips and falls.
  • Keep your loved one’s ears protected. Many older adults have very sensitive ears. When cold weather and high winds pick up ensure that their ears are covered with a hood, head scarf, ear muffs or hats. If your loved one has lost their hair, this is even more important.
  • Don’t forget sunglasses. The bright sun glaring off white snow can make it very difficult to see. Sunglasses can help your loved one notice dangerous hazards or sheets of ice during the winter.

Providing elder care at home to a loved one can be both a challenging and rewarding experience. Make sure that you are not only caring for their mental, physical and emotional needs, but that you are keeping  them safe and warm this winter with these important winter dressing tips.

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