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Embracing the Change of Seasons: Engaging Senior Activities for 2023 Fall and Winter

Activities for Seniors  |  November 1, 2023

As we head into the fall and winter season, it’s important to remember that many seniors are still isolating at home. This can have a negative impact on their mental health, which is why it’s crucial for them to work with their families, caregivers, and health professionals to develop a plan that allows them to safely participate in activities they enjoy. Regularly engaging in activities that bring us joy and purpose is important for our overall health and wellbeing, especially for seniors. Even simple activities like enjoying the fall foliage or having a socially distanced viewing party for a favourite sports team can make a big difference. With a little planning and intentional action, there are always opportunities for meaningful moments and joyful days.


While many seniors may not be able to attend live sports events this year, there are still ways to participate virtually and enjoy football, baseball, and hockey with family and friends. Watching games together over a video call or hosting a viewing party at home can be a great way to stay connected while staying safe. And of course, there’s nothing quite like taking in the beautiful fall foliage, whether it’s from the comfort of your porch or on a leisurely hike. Even raking leaves can be a fun activity when done with loved ones. And let’s not forget about the delicious fall foods! From family dinners to baking projects to Halloween treats, there are plenty of opportunities for seniors to enjoy their favourite foods while still maintaining their nutrition goals.


During the holidays, there are so many ways to embrace the joy of music, celebrate with loved ones, and make a difference in our communities.

One of the most exciting activities during this time is holiday shopping. While it’s usually done outside the house, online shopping has become a fantastic option for seniors. It allows them to find and purchase gifts without having to visit crowded malls or stores.

When it comes to enjoying music, seniors have plenty of options. Singing, dancing, playing instruments, and listening to holiday carols are all wonderful ways to immerse themselves in the festive spirit. Thanks to streaming music services, seniors can easily access a wide selection of their favourite tunes. Whether it’s through a phone, virtual assistant, or computer, they can enjoy their preferred songs from the comfort of their own homes.

The holidays are also a perfect time for seniors to engage in meaningful acts of service. While volunteering is something they can do all year round, it holds even more significance during this special season. This year, finding virtual volunteer opportunities has become even easier. Seniors can contribute by writing heartfelt letters, knitting cozy blankets, or collecting old coats and sweaters to donate. These acts of kindness can all be done safely from the comfort of their own homes.

So, let’s make the most of this holiday season by embracing the joy of music, cherishing time with family, and finding meaningful ways to give back to our communities.

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