Coming Soon: The Family Portal

Get Updates About Your Loved One’s Care With The Family Portal

Comfort Keepers is pleased to announce that soon, we will be even more connected to our clients and their families with the Family Portal! The family portal allows clients and their family members to access information regarding their services with Comfort Keepers. The portal is designed to be used from anywhere in the world and will let clients and their families access information and communication features. This provides family members living at a distance with peace of mind and keeps them involved in the care being provided to their loved ones.

From the portal, users can:

  • View the schedule of visits
  • See the assigned caregiver’s picture and learn a little about them
  • Review the Plan of Care that caregivers will follow during visits
  • View documents attached to the client’s file
  • Communicate with other family members who use the portal through the “Message to Loved One” function
  • Communicate with CK’s administrative staff through the messaging function
  • See any messages posted by the caregiver updating them on their loved one’s condition, shared activities, and upcoming plans

Stay tuned for more exciting updates on the Family Portal from your Vancouver Comfort Keepers!

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